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Renegade Riddims: Missy C


Missy C, or Carly as her friends call her, discovered her passion for Drum & Bass at just 15 years old, when she stepped into her first rave at Mass in Brixton. From that electric night on, her love for the genre only intensified. She became a familiar face at clubs like Air and the Custard Factory in Digbeth, and she didn’t shy away from travelling abroad to experience raves like Innovation and Sunbeatz.

Fast forward 20 years and Carly’s life took a thrilling turn when she met Jaydan. It was during the lockdown in April 2021 that their romance ignited, with Jaydan becoming her patient mentor in the art of DJing. With his guidance and three Pioneer XDJ1000 decks, Carly found her true calling. She realized she was destined to be Missy C.

The journey from newbie to sensation was swift. Within weeks, Missy C received a message from DJSS inviting her to play at his rave in the ‘Rudegal Arena’ at Leicester’s 2Funky Cafe complex, alongside industry titans like Bladerunner, Grooverider, and more. That first booking was just the beginning.

Since then, Missy C has rocked stages at various events, from Raveology to The Bellyman Show in London. Her talents have taken her beyond borders, with gigs in Amsterdam, Canada, and Prague. But it’s in the heart of the D&B scene, particularly in Birmingham, where she’s made her mark.

Building a devoted fan base didn’t happen overnight. Missy C clinched seven DJ competitions in 2023 alone, earning spots at events like NuFrequency and securing residency with Subvert. Her mixes, showcased on Soundcloud under her series ‘Bootlegs and Bangers,’ reflect her signature style: intricate, technical, and always fresh.

Missy C’s sets are an experience. Whether she’s spinning dark rollers or delving into more melodic tracks, her energy is infectious. Each performance is a journey, carefully crafted with double drops and a keen ear for new releases. But beyond the decks, it’s clear that for Missy C, it’s all about the music—from the heart to the dancefloor.

Today Missy C joins our Renegade Riddims series with a brand new and exclusive mix. The mix features music from the likes of Jaydan, S.P.Y, Enta, ZeroZero, DJ Zinc, DJ Hybrid, Dillinja, Jam Thieves, Kleu, DJ Hazard and loads more!

Check out the mix below and download it for free here!


Missy C artwork

Sum up this mix in 10 words…

High energy, 3 deck mix of hard rollers with classic DnB.

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

Wilkinson – Tonight

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

Jam Thieves, Jaydan Dub and extra care taken over transitions.

What have you got coming up? 

I am playing the day after my birthday on 26th May in the Church, Shrewsbury at Subvert VS DnB Religion; I am playing VS Daiz…

When was the last time you actually raved?

The weekend just gone when I was booked to play at the Buttermarket alongside Monrroe and Bladerunner. People came from all over the country to watch me play and I always stick around with my friends after my DJ bookings because I am a raver first and foremost.

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

Don’t ever let anyone bring you down, put your racehorse blinkers on and be tenacious!


Deep Notion – All I Need

Enta – Black Hole VIP

Manual – Fluctuate

Danger – The Matrix

RXNO – Fire

DJ Hybrid – Swordplay

Gest – Superstructure

Sigma -The Corner (Original Sin x Sub Zero Remix)

Nick The Lot – Head Vice – 2019

RayJ – Dub Shot

Wilkinson – Tonight

Pinks – Cockroach

Cramz – Void

Freak – The Funk

Bruxley – Murda

Dolexil – Alien vs Deer

Dance Conspiracy – Dub War (Myth Remix)

Bengo X Daisley Ft Fernquest – Wobbling

Lundy – The Curse

Panzer -174

Klimate – Over You

En1gmA & Volition – Former Self

DJ Andy – Bleeps

Tek – Oblivious

Super Rush – Trancer

Roche – Immobile

S.P.Y – Second Encounter

Branzh – Speakeasy

DJ Zinc – Creeper (instrumental)

Bruk – Ride It

Wingz – Light Up

Jamezy – Hit The Floor

ZeroZero – My Sound (instrumental)

Dillinja – Tunnel Grinder

StillZ – Intentions

Kleu – One Night Only

Dunk  – Bad Influence

Sub Focus – Follow The Light (Original Instrumental Mix)

Dubruvvas – Roll With It

Reaktiv – Close To Me

Submarine – Double Down

Jaydan – Arena

Vex – After Dark

Tian – Think About

Benny L – Vanta Black (Instrumental)

Bengo X Daisley X Niss – Nightmares

ZeroZero & Dunk – Better Flow feat. Peas

Pullin – Walk N Live

Danger – Hypnosis

Subcriminal & Clean & Dirty – Side By Side

Hoogs – Gun Use

Jam Thieves – Harbourside

Gouki – Apocalypse

Daisley X Niss – Hold Tight

Mampi Swift – One Finger Test

Warhead – Hidden

Big Boss – Look at me

T>I – Dye Migration (Serum Remix)

StillZ & DRZ – Blood Bank

B-Ware – Little Bit Of Bass

DJ Hazard – Proteus

DJ Linky – Crash

Tang – Feels

Jam Thieves & Serial Killaz – Attitude

Creatures, ill Truth – Taco Disco

Lockerz – The Noise (T95 Remix)

Python – Jump!

Chris Lorenzo – Hallucinagen (Malpractice Bootleg)

PA – The Shogun

T95 – Emotions

Bladerunner – Studio (Dub)

Marcos K-Marx – Jungle Party

Jam Thieves – Prophet

Jaydan – Dead

Zapya – My Thing

Dunk- Science Friction

Mau P – Drugs From Amsterdam (Bengo & Niss Bootleg)

GLM X Pengo – Drifting Away

Disrupta – Honey (Original Mix)

Klimate – Check

Jaydan – Deception (2024 Remix)


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