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DT DNB Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Liondub


Widely regarded as the king of Jungle Drum & Bass in the United States, Liondub brings his New York mindset to the Jungle world with a work-rate, focus and passion that leaves people in awe. Liondub is renowned for his on-point, high-energy DJ / MC sets and skilled productions which have lead to signings onto Playaz, Serial Killaz, Chopstick Dubplate, Jungle Cakes, Propa Talent and Dub Shotta imprints to name a few.

Head of the respected Liondub International label group, Liondub is responsible for curating a family of extremely talented artists from around the globe that are widely regarded as producing some of the hottest Jungle, Drum & Bass, Reggae and Dancehall of our time. Taking pride in providing absolutely firing sets with back-to-back-to-back bangers and dubplate exclusives, Liondub is a fully dedicated soldier to the Jungle Drum & Bass movement.

Today, Liondub joins our Renegade Riddims series. We’ve been working alongside Liondub for a few months showcasing some of the tracks having recently been released on the recent Liondub International compilations. This mix is jam-packed with 50 records from artists on the Liondub International label and a load of other artists and LOADS of DUBs! ENJOY!

Check out Liondub’s mix below and download it from here!


**Please note where you see L I and L Street Series these have been abbreviated from Liondub International and Liondub Street Series

  1. Blackout JA – Request The Hearse (Prod. Upgrade)(DUB)
    1. Purcell – Gypsy Gang L Street Series (DUB)
    2. J.O.E – Tell Me Something L Street Series (DUB)
    3. Toxinate – Citizens Of The Law L I (DUB)
    4. Magenta & Hexa – Distress Pick N Mix (DUB)
    5. Joely – B Line L I (DUB)
    6. Phadix – Go [G13 Recprdings]
    7. Smuggler – Money Time [Spectre Audio]
    8. Selecta J-Man – Couple Guinness (DUB)
    9. Jayline & G!ft – Mt. Everest L I (DUB)
    10. Upgrade & Trigga – Trigga Finga [Low Down Deep]
    11. J.O.E. – Watch Me Dance L Street Series (DUB)
    12. NiteRider – Pull Up Ft. Visuals L Street Series (DUB)
    13. Tesen – Final Straw L I (DUB)
    14. Exile – Turn Of The Times L I (DUB)
    15. Kumo, Patexx, Liondub – War Start Special L I (DUB)
    16. Kenji & Alex SLK – Product of Me L I (DUB)
    17. Mass – Wars [L I] (DUB)
    18. Spaow – Jungle 3000 L I (DUB)
    19. Dungeon Kru & Visuals – Movie Star L I (DUB)
    20. Slipz – Snake Charmer [Low Down Deep]
    21. Kenji & Basstripper – Winning [Brawlin Beats]
    22. Paul T Edward Oberon – Bowes Chronic (DUB)
    23. Raz – Arctic Signal Zombie (DUB)
    24. Pharoah – Transcend L I (DUB)
    25. Tesen – Final Straw L I (DUB)
    26. Ultron – Conrad Subs L I (DUB)
    27. G!ft – Right Down L Street Series (DUB)
    28. Mass – Wars [L I]
    29. Sub Killaz – Block Party [L I]
    30. Yatuza – Good Old Days L Street Series (DUB)
    31. Danny The Wildchild – Fresh L Street Series (DUB)
    32. Break, DLR & Randall – Song & Dance [Sofa Sound Bristol]
    33. Mass – Gats In Ya Raps L I (DUB)
    34. Jayline – The Lion [L I]
    35. Nick The Lot – Autopilot L I (DUB)
    36. Serum & Navigator – Battle Cry VIP Special (DUB)
    37. Enei – Pay The Cost Ft. Jakes [Critical Music]
    38. Lost City, Rider Shafique – Focus L I (DUB)
    39. Bassface Sascha – Burst A Bubble L I (DUB)
    40. DJ Phlex & Bassface Sascha – Original Gun Gorgon L I (DUB)
    41. Pharoah – Fire in the Hole [L I]
    42. Vital – Gritty Nittys L I (DUB)
    43. Yoteii – Scammed [L I]
    44. Infrared – Bloodshot Low Down Deep (DUB)
    45. Infrared – Mofo Low Down Deep (DUB)
    46. Dominator – Think First (Vital & Mass Remix) Low Down Deep (DUB)
    47. Slipz – Snake Charmer [Low Down Deep]
    48. Hexa – Double Dealer [Subway Sounds]
    49. Blackout JA – Music Is A Mission (Prod. Potential Badboy)(DUB)