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DT DNB Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Kathryn Brenna


Kathryn Brenna is a woman of many talents, she’s a Drum & Bass vocalist, producer and DJ based in London.

Her love for music started at a very young age, she began writing songs at the tender age of 12 and by the time she reached 15 she was writing for other artists. Kathryn taught herself to play the guitar and has a number of acoustic songs experimenting with different tones, styles and raw lyrics.

Kathryn Brenna has had a love for electronic music since her early teens, however, she is fresh to the scene as she only started producing and writing Drum & Bass at the beginning of 2020.

Kathryn Brenna Renegade Riddims artwork

She has so far worked with a handful of Drum & Bass producers and has had releases on Innerground and Intrigue alongside Tephra. Expect to hear a lot of new music in the coming year.

Kathryn can be found regularly at Rebel Music events at The Cause in Tottenham. She is actively working to improve her skills and hone her craft and pushes herself to be better every day. Away from music, she runs her own events planning company.

We’re happy to be sharing with you, a new mix from Kathryn today. We firmly believe we’ll be seeing a lot more of her in the coming months and years. She’s a hard worker and really talented, her voice is incredible and really well suited to Drum & Bass!

Check out Kathryn Brenna’s mix below, it’s available as a free download via the button beneath the Soundcloud player!


Ben Soundscape – ID

Sweetpea – Undercover (ft. Shady Novelle)

Exult, SMP & Sydney – ID

Tephra, Kathryn Brenna & Bazil & – ID

Dubhead – London

Visages – Ancedote

Walk:r – Oscillate

Monty & Alix Perez – Cursive

Tephra & Paolo – Rotation

DLR – Sufferation

Creatures, Kolectiv & Collette Warren – Change Me

OB1 – The Pianist

Creatures – Baby

Tephra & Melysma – ID

Monty & Visages – Polar Wind

Makoto – YGMYC

Edlan – Venice

Kathryn Brenna – ID

Technimatic – Parallel ft. Zara Kershaw (LSB remix)

Monrroe – Out Of Time (ft. Zara Kershaw)

Satl – Jamaican Dub

Phentix & QZB – Gang Signs

Tephra & Kathryn Brenna – ID

Tephra, Kathryn Brenna, SMP & Collette Warren – ID

Mollie Collins & Ruth Royall – Remedies 


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