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DT DNB Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Just Bee


At the heart of the flourishing electronic music scene in South China is Hong Kong-native Just Bee. With around 6 years of involvement in the local scene as well as crossing international borders to DJ, Just Bee is also active in organising events, hosting podcasts, and co-running Unchained Asia.

South China’s underground dance scene is in extremely good health right now, and at the forefront of the region’s new generation of bass music artists and followers is Unchained Recordings and its umbrella Unchained Asia.

Headquartered in both Shenzhen, China and Hong Kong, Unchained roams in the forward-thinking universe of sound that is Bass music with an emphasis on Halftime and Drum & Bass.

Unchained club nights are typically packed events focused on the dancefloor where every new release is tested and international talent from various corners of the globe are featured.

Just Bee got into drum & bass around 6 years ago, as a joke and surprise for her 20th birthday and the snowball has not stopped rolling. Hong Kong has a small scene, but because it’s so small, it’s tight knit and really exciting. She used to be into quite commercial stuff before but after a few dnb gigs she never looked back. She had never heard anything so energetic before and vibed off the amazing crowd and continues to pursue a career in drum & bass and strives to push the movement forward.

“The best thing about the Hong Kong underground community is that it is seriously underground. You don’t know it exists unless you know where to look. Heads really appreciate good music and good vibes.

In China when I first started playing out about 3 years ago before OIL club opened, I was playing pretty much to fresh ears at every Unchained gig. I would say most people had no idea what they were listening to. But nowadays, people are soooooo much more aware of the quality and vibes of the music, and we owe a lot of it to OIL for providing such an amazing venue to introduce new sounds to the Chinese youth.

Now we’re on a mission to scout for hidden talent across China to push to the forefront of the international drum & bass scene. For example, this guy called Radiax, we helped link him up with London Elektricity, who made him the first Chinese artist to release on Hospital Records!”

We’re excited to present Just Bee to you today on our Renegade Riddims series, which we use to help underground and up and coming artists to get their names out to a wider audience and hopefully spread the good word about drum & bass!

Check out Just Bee’s mix below and download it here


Machinedrum & Holly – Goji [Vision Recordings]
Rohaan – Darlin [Unchained Recordings]
Kings Of The Rollers – XXX [Hospital Records]
Radiax – Beijing Banger [Unchained Recordings]
Teddy Killerz & Gydra – Miles High (Levela Remix) [Neuropunk]
Terrence & Phillip – Static [Free DL]
Tom Finster, Rohaan – Sidestep [dub]
Rohaan – Here2Here [Unchained Recordings]
Just Bee – Patience [Unreleased]
Zed Bias – Pick Up The Pieces ft Boudah (Skeptical Remix) [Exit Records]
Dub Phizix & Strategy – Calm [SenkaSonic]
Unglued – Zen (feat. Cimone) [Hospital Records]
Total Science, Quadrant & Iris – False Alarm (Villem Remix) [CIA Records]
Levela – Thrunt [Critical Music]
Amoss & Fre4knc – Confront [Forthcoming Dispatch Recordings]
Amoss – The Antidote [Flexout Audio]
Radiax – ??? [dub]
Sustance – Temperance [Overview Music]
Mefjus – Sinkhole (Skeptical Remix) [Vision Recordings]
Halogenix – Dragonforce [Critical Music]
Rockwell – Vent [Obsolete Medium]
gyrofield – Fallen In Deep [Overview Music]
Maztek – Arps And Stuff [01010 Music]
Chaka Demus – Forward Pull Up (Urbandawn Remix) [Hospital Records]
Airstrike – We R Tribe [dub]
Amoss & Fre4knc – Face Reality ft. Swift [Forthcoming Dispatch Recordings]
Subp Yao – Badness [Unchained Recordings]
HØST – Continuum [Unchained Recordings]
DJ Madd – Gangsta Junglist [Forthcoming Unchained Recordings]
Quentin Hiatus – Pink Nihilist [Forthcoming Unchained Recordings]
Launchkode – Jungle Bun Down [dub]
Breakage – Elmhurst Dub [Index]
Grey Code – Atlas Rise (ft. Ewol & Skylark) [Dispatch Recordings]
Black Barrel – Still Fucking Warm [Sofa Sounds]
Andy Pain – Matches on Wind [Vandal Records]
Dub Head – Meltdown [Sofa Sounds]
Fade Black – Sane ft. Leo Law [Critical Music]
GROUND – Attract [Flexout Audio]
gyrofield – Mel’s Teapot (ft. xia) [Overview Music]
En:vy – Unspoken [Free DL]
Rohaan – Purity [dub]


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