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DT DNB Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Gifta


Today we welcome Gifta back to Renegade Riddims! Gifta is an esteemed luminary within the vibrant Drum & Bass community, whose home base resides in the bustling metropolis of London. Driven by an insatiable passion for the genre’s dynamic and electrifying facets, she meticulously crafts sonic landscapes that resonate with pulsating energy and raw emotion. With a keen focus on delivering exhilarating experiences reminiscent of the live Drum & Bass atmosphere, Gifta’s productions are distinguished by their thunderous percussion, intricate basslines, and seismic sub-frequencies, captivating audiences worldwide.

In the summer of 2020, Gifta embarked on a transformative journey with the establishment of her own record label, Phase Records DNB. This bold endeavour quickly garnered recognition within the underground circuit, solidifying its status as a beacon of innovation and creativity. Notably, Phase Records DNB’s meteoric rise culminated in a prestigious nomination for ‘Best Newcomer Label’ at the revered DNB Arena Awards, a testament to Gifta’s visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries.

In addition to her groundbreaking work with Phase Records DNB, Gifta extends her influence through the thought-provoking ‘Between the Beats‘ podcast series. Here, she engages in candid conversations with fellow luminaries and rising stars within the scene, delving deep into the intricacies of music production, industry trends, and the transformative power of electronic music culture.

Furthermore, Gifta’s undeniable talent and entrepreneurial spirit caught the discerning eye of industry powerhouse, Hospital Records, through their prestigious business development scheme in 2023. As a result, Gifta finds herself on the cusp of unprecedented opportunities, poised to make an indelible mark on the global Drum & Bass landscape.

With each pulsating beat and electrifying performance, Gifta continues to captivate audiences and inspire fellow artists, solidifying her position as a true trailblazer and visionary within the ever-evolving world of Drum & Bass music. The journey ahead is filled with endless possibilities, and Gifta stands ready to seize them all with unparalleled passion and determination.

I’m gassed to bring Gifta back to our mix series, the moves she’s made since her last offering has been nothing short of phenomenal! Her new mix features music from artists such as herself, Xyde, Kevala, Calyx, Marly Marl, Benny L, S.P.Y, Exile, Trex, Warhead, Ominous, Enei, Voltage, John B and loads more.

Check out the mix below and download it for free here!


Sum up this mix in 10 words…

Fun, fast, heavy, dynamic, rolling and just very very me.

Whats your personal favourite track on it?

S.P.Y’S We Got It remix

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

The seamless infusion of all sides of DnB mixed together but still keeping it dark and powerful. A healthy combination of exclusive dubs, well known tracks and plenty of surprises!

Tell us about your next EP…

My debut EP is out in June on my label Phase Records DNB, I’m excited to share it!

What have you got coming up?

My busiest festival season yet, a collab with Exile and Coppa and a handful of other releases!

When was the last time you actually raved?

My last rave was Flexout at The Cause in London

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

Thank you for all the support, hope you enjoy my mix!!


Crystalline, Wraith, AIRGLO – Smoke & Mirrors

Kevala, Gifta – Losing – Notequal Remix (Phase DUB)

Benny L – Thunder – Bladerunner Remix

Leks, Endorphone – Focus (Yamatai Dub)

Calyx – Tempest VIP

Gifta, Dapreme – How We Roll (Phase Dub)

Rockwell – Vent

Subtension – Funk Off


Creatures, ZeroZero, Ill Truth – Danny Bravo

Dom Dolla – San Frandisco (Bennie Bootleg DUB)

LeStR – Xtrippy


Emily Makis, Dux n Bass, Dread, T-Man – My Type

SMG, Latte – Born

Gifta – Unhinged (Sine Audio Dub)

Klinical, Particle – Cult Process

Ominous – Conclusion

Particle – Fooling

Marly Marl – Feel Deep Headz

K Motionz – Hold you

Phase, Mota, Bredren – Coyote

Gifta – Cold Spots (DUB)

Whiney, Inja – Flashlight VIP (DUB0

AKOV, Screamarts – Goliath

O/MEGA – Optical – Dub Elements Remix (Phase DUB)

Unglued, Phace – Malware

Enei, Kasra, T-Man – Platinum

Gifta, Dapreme – No Laughing Matter

Trigga, Chase & Status, Irah, Bou – Baddadan

Gifta, Ominous – Keep It Tuned ( Phase Dub)

Waeys – Raw Flavour

Gifta – Step Up (Phase Dub)

Urbandawn – Ergregor

Default Noise – Don’t Break (Phase Dub)



Pola & Bryson, Emily Makis – Phoneline

Benny L – Low Blow VIP

Nami – On the Beat

Enei, Klax – Scraps

Dimension – UK

Yatuza, Notequal – Sheesh (DUB)

DMR – Talk to Me

 DJ Hybrid – Warehouse

Exile – Bassdrop

Noise Parfumerie – Curse (phase dub)

Gifta, Xyde, Vispera – Power (phase dub)

S.P.Y – Shelter

Unglued – Bootsrap Bill

Warhead – Soundboy Slaughter

Trex – Brain Drain (dub)

Waeys, Unglued – Take 2007

Bleephead – Tech Neck – Phentix Remix (Phase DUB)

Metrik, Rothwell – We Got It – S.P.Y Remix

Noisia – Incessant – IMANU Remix

Black Sun Empire – Caps Lock

Annix – Caesium

Yatuza – Ultraviolet (DUB)

Moyrta & Sign – Without a Script (dub)

Xyde – Hourglass

Think Tonk, L-Side – What a Ting – L-Side vip (dub)

Ominous – Error

Ominous – Mutation – T>I Remix (Phase DUB)

DJ Linky – Don’t Give Up The Fight

Levela – Funk Trippin

Noise Parfumerie – Eye of Horus (Phase Dub)

Amplify – Mad Ting

Halogenix – Blej

T>I – Gas Trip

Xyde, Gifta – Blink State

Magenta, Madrush, Notequal – Bad Energy

Enei – Tide Guide

Gifta – Vendetta (Sine Audio Dub)


Voltage – Cold Air

S.P.Y – Rock da House

Malux – Mammoth

Xeonz – Gambit


Farflow – Break Point

Serum, T.R.A.C – Late Night Connection – Benny L Remix

Trex – Rolling – Ill Truth Remix

Emperor – Thud & Blunder

John B – Up All Night – Data 3 Remix

Malux – Nosedive

SD – This Side

Gifta – Pills VIP

Gifta – Alien Chatter (Trust Dub)


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