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DT DNB Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Fedi Minikin


Back in 2011, Fedi Minikin entered the world of electronic music and went to her very first Dubstep rave. Ever since then, she has had huge respect for the people that make it all happen. From the numerous DJs, Producers and Promoters to the ravers at the very centre of the scene, each one has inspired her journey so far. Somehow, and luckily for us lovers of the music, she found her way into Drum & Bass. After a few years of graft, she joined the biggest Drum & Bass crew in her home country of Slovakia, Trident, as a promoter.

After she left Slovakia, Fedi Minikin decided to live in the UK for a while, she taught herself to mix and after a couple of months, she got her first gig in 2018. She was able to play a variety gigs in countries like Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria and the UK. She has shared stages with names such as  GLXY, Ground, Killjoy, Objectiv, Kolectiv, OB1, Taelimb, Tephra & Arkoze and more. Her mixes are all about the dark techy and stompy sound with occasional liquid vibes. Apart from her passion for Drum & Bass, she recently discovered a hidden weakness for techno and so she has started to mix that too.

Fedi Minikin RR artwork

Lately, Fedi has found herself getting into music production, where she’s been learning the basics from producer Arkoze. The paid have been working on some fresh music together and have a couple tunes completed already and are currently working on an EP. They have also started their 6 weekly mix series called ‘Deep Within’.

Towards the end of May, along with a few other people and DNBWear she helped organise the #SaveTheCulture online fundraising festival. This saw a host of artists and labels come together to raise money for Mental Health Awareness charities. You can read more about that here.

We’re really happy today to bring you a brand new mix from Fedi which contains a load of her favourite tracks and some new ones that she’s been digging lately. Check it out below and make sure you follow her on Facebook, Soundcloud and Instagram!


Break & Kyo – The Edge of Time (Workforce Remix)

LSB – Tripped

Dunk & T95 – Pirate Radio

Jubei & Tyrone – Stabs

Sweetpea – Digital Pond

Rollyax – ID

Radiax – Tech Trick

Qua Rush – Grey Goo

Seba – Never Let you Go (Blu Mar Ten Remix)

Freqax & Brusten – Mixed Feelings 

Sustance – Shame

In:Most (ft. Walk:r & Carasel) – Embers (Cauzer Remix)

MidKnight Moon – ID

Revan – Grown Ups

Particle – Audio Visual

Sulex – Fluctuate 

M-Zine – TSR

Break & DLR City Slickers (Skeptical Remix)

Dunk – Koko The Clown

Indukt –  ID

Caleo –  Pushed It Down (ft. Aniseed)

Skeptical – Instant Reflex

Blu Mar Ten – Half The Sky

Enei – Faded (ft. Charli Brix)

Sequences – Longshot

Dunk – Shift

Enei – Circles (ft. Sam Wills)

Icicle – Late Night Mix

Alix Perez – Playing Games (ft. D.Ablo)

Seba & BCee – Feel It


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