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Renegade Riddims: Exile



You may recall a while ago we told you about a new alias within the dnb industry. An industry he’s spent years creating music in. Exile is someone whose name is becoming synonymous with impeccable quality production and versatility.

Having already carved out a career with internationally acclaimed drum & bass stalwarts, we’re really excited to bring him to our Renegade Riddims series.

With projects alongside the likes of Rhymestar, DubZero, Zeal, Miss Melody, Slipz and Mark XTC, Exile is someone who’s made friends in the industry and maintained them. Forthcoming releases come in the shape of top quality jump-up heavy-weight sounds, searing rollers with real, crisp basslines and impeccable mastering.

All of this combined with a talent for selecting the best tracks to showcase his skills, we are confident that Exile is going to go on to a carve himself a huge career!



Zeal & Exile – Magic (Dub)
Ekko Sidetrack – Black Stone (Viper Recordings)
Jayline – Light Of Day (Digital Terror Recordings)
Dominator & Logan D – Gian Killa Bees (Sub Zero VIP Remix) (Low Down Deep)
Exile & Leaf – The Korubo (Dub)
Heavy and Dark (Bou & Simula’s Mix) (Souped Up)
Filthy Habits & Jeopardize – Next Lesson (Good 4 Nothing Recordings)
Break – Keeping It Raw (Symmetry Recordings)
Exile – Shoot To Kill (Dub)
Kanine – Kilogram (Low Down Deep Recordings)
I Need feat. Hayla (Wilkinson & Metrik Remix) (RAM Recordings)
DJ Hybrid – War Horn (Audio Addict)
Lupo – Meditation (On Point Audio)
Exile feat. Miss Melody – Lets Go Mental (Viper Recordings)
Upgrade – Sekkle (Kartoons)
Taxman – Radar Jammer (VIP) (Playaz Recordings)
Simula – Demon (Co Lab)
Exile – The Victim VIP (Profound Beats)
Ego Trippin – Dragons Lair (Hi Def)
Exile – Psychedelic Dub (Serial Killaz)
Prestige – Animal (Serial Killaz)
Xyphon – No Love (Down 2 Earth Musik)
Upgrade – Murderer (Vital Elements Remix) (Serial Killaz)
Mozey – Back To Funk (Serial Killaz)
Current Value – Isotropy (Methlab)
Upgrade – More (Sub Zero Remix) (Serial Killaz)
TC – Tap Ho (Ultrah Remix) (Dub)
Dominator – History Making (VIP) (Low Down Deep Recordings)
Simula – Moonwalk (Low Down Deep Recordings)
Exile – One Of Them (Serial Killaz)
Brookes Brothers – Every Minute (Bladerunner Remix) (Viper Recordings)
Exile – Listen & Run (Technique Recordings)
Au/Ra & Camelphat – Panic Room (Culture Shock Remix) (RCA Records Label)
Ego Trippin – Spinning Elbow (Low Down Deep Recordings)
Exile – Left For Dead (Serial Killaz)
Bassface Sascha – Obey (Low Down Deep Recordings)
K Motionz -Exterminate (D-Stortion Records)
High Contrast – If We Ever (Unglued Remix) (Hospital Recordings)
Saxxon – Out Stepping (Murky Digital)
Exile feat. Bellyman – Can’t Hold Me Back (Formation Records)
Ego Trippin – Jazz Curve (Hi Def)
Exile – Back To The Funk (Co Lab)
Upgrade & TI – Shot Down
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Booyaka (Technique Recordings)
Whiney feat. Mr Porter – Shards (Medschool)
Heist & Logan D – Roly Poly (Co Lab)
Break feat. MC Fats & Cleveland Watkiss – (Symmetry Recordings)
DJ Limited – Bad Tune (Biological Beats)
Vital – Wu-Tang Swordfights
Exile & AJ Mutated – Vertigo (Viper Recordings)
Whiney – Dismissed (Medschool)
Mark XTC & Exile – New Dawn Refix (Serial Killaz)
Jam Thieves – Overdose (Playaz Recordings)
Leaf – Much Meat (Murky Digital)
Exile – The Rain Forest (Serial Killaz)
Kanine – Steamroller (Low Down Deep Recordings)
Mark Xtc & Exile – Take Me Away (Exile Come Harder mix) (Serial KIllaz)
Jam Thieves & Current Value – Petrified (Playaz Recordings)
Filthy Habits – Abandoned VIP (G13 Recordings)
Myth – Mackerel (Lockdown Recordings)


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