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Renegade Riddims: Dr Woe


Hailing from Berlin, Dr Woe embarked on his journey in music production at a young age, honing his skills over the years. In 2016, as co-founder of Insomnius Music, he made his mark with the release of his debut EP, ‘The Insomnius’, on his own label.

Since 2004, Dr Woe has been renowned for his dynamic Drum & Bass sets, captivating audiences with a blend of rolling darkside beats, deeper styles, and gritty Neurofunk. Through his acclaimed mix series, “The Rolling Woe Show” spanning over a decade, he has showcased his versatility, guaranteed to elevate heart rates.

In 2018, he launched the podcast and event series “Keep Da Bass Rollin”, further solidifying his presence in the scene. Dr Woe has graced stages alongside notable artists such as Allied, Audio, Cause 4 Concern, Counterstrike, and Phace, among others.

Beyond Drum & Bass, Dr Woe’s creative passion extends to genres like Hip Hop, Trip Hop, and Ambient. Whether as one half of the duo Scary Woods or under his solo moniker Moonshyna, he remains prolific in his production endeavours.

Not only a musician, but Dr Woe is also an active event organizer, contributing his talents as a member of The Outrider Crew. Additionally, he serves as a graphic designer and resident DJ for the Hamburg-based Bass Forward The Revolution Crew.

Dr Woe joins us on our Renegade Riddims series with a brand new and exclusive video mix! He’s stripped the audio too so you can also listen on SoundCloud. The mix tops in at 1hr 30miins and features music from the likes of himself, Pythius & Black Sun Empire, Erb n Dub, Yatuza & Cosmickat, Mako & Seba, Enei, Calux, Section 63, Calibre, Outrage, Break & SP:MC, Ed Rush and a load more!

Check out the mix below and download it for free here!


Sum up this mix in 10 words…

A journey through all styles of DnB to represent my sound.

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

Dom & Roland – Burn Bright (Individual Recordings).

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

My new Tape Echo pedal effect with foot pedal to adjust the feedback.

Tell us about your next EP…

Right now I’m releasing two tracks that reflect two sides of my DnB personality. The first one is more driving and true school Neurofunk-like while the second one is more of a deep and bass-heavy roller to reflect my deeper side. Both are produced and recorded using a bunch of old and new hardware and mixed and mastered using the best of modern software technology, as I like to combine the best of both worlds. The two tracks both take you on a journey in very different directions and sound very different too.

What have you got coming up?

A: I’m currently working with interesting feature guests on my first album, which will be released next year. We are also currently taking our Insomnius Music label, which I run together with Violet Core, to the next level with great new artists and releases. As the second half of the Scary Woods Duo, I’m proud to announce that we also have some fresh tunes that will be released this year. In addition, I am part of two event organizer crews and we are planning a bunch of nice events in Hamburg this year. Shoutouts to my Bass Forward The Revolution Crew, the Keep Da Bass Rollin´ movement and of course The Outrider Crew!

When was the last time you actually raved?

Last week at my Keep Da Bass Rollin´ party in my neighbourhood in Hamburg.

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

To all artists: do what feels right and what makes your heart leap, don’t try to be someone people expect you to be or to sound like the big players on the top, individuality is the key to creative fulfillment, not the other way around. To all DnB lovers: please support the underground and keep on looking for new talents and new styles, there is still so much to discover out there, just give some unknown names a chance from time to time! Peace!


Dr Woe – Hard Hat Area (Insomnius Music)

Pythius, Black Sun Empire – Doctrine (Blackout Music NL)

Badlokk, Coppa – Hurricane (Hanzom Music)

Mizo – Thunder Bolt (Eatbrain)

Overtune – Push (Neuroheadz)

Erb n Dub – Loud Mouth {Dr Woe Rmx} (not on label)

Mythic Image – Materia (Eatbrain)

Khronos – Dreamweaver (Kosen Productions)

Yatuza, Cosmickat – Ultraviolet (Impact)

Anile – Flow Chamber (Footnotes)

Bungle – Never Ending (Okbron Records)

Ink, Gremlinz – Faceless (Dispatch Blueprints)

Suburban Architecture – Renegade Horns {Nookie Rmx} (Suburban Architecture)

Mako, Seba – Stockholm Syndrome (Utopia Music)

Kasra, Enei, T Man – Platinum (Critical Music)

Quadrant, Iris, Dummy – Candle In The Dark (Dispatch Recordings)

AnnGree – Storm Chaser (C4C Limited)

Dauntless, Gill – Spill the Beans (Dispatch Recordings)

MNDSCP – Rascals (Eatbrain)

Giana Brotherz – Hydra (Harder & Louder)

AnatomiX – Feeding The Immortal (C4C Recordings)

Black Sun Empire – Arrakis {Scary Woods Rmx} (not on label)

Sindicate – Money Bag (Mindicted Music)

Audio – Bedlam Axis (Blackout Music NL)

Teddy Killerz – Untitled 6 {Skrimor Rmx} (Neuropunk)

Sindicate – Infernal (Insomnius Music)

Sleepnet, Lumen – Finality (Vision Recordings)

Calyx – House Breaker (Critical Music)

Bons – Strike (Forthcoming Insomnius Music)

Dr Woe – Generation Addicted (Insomnius Music)

Ed Rush – Body Back (Blackout Music NL)

Enei – Acid Shot (Critical Music)

Section 63 – Voyager (Insomnius Music)

Soul Intent, Chromatic – Time & Space (Lossless Music)

Response, Pliskin – Snuffed Out (Tempo Records)

Calibre – I Can´t Change You (Signature)

DRS, Tyler Daley, Calibre – I Remember (Footnotes)

Zero T, Onj, Jordan Max – Everyday Struggles (The North Quarter)

Mako – Vamos (Samurai Music)

SP:MC – Flow State (Carbon Music)

Origin Unknown – Truly One {Ant Miles VIP Mix} (Ram Records)

Dom & Roland – Burn Bright (Individual Recordings)

Drumskull – Switch Up the Flow (Hooversound Recordings)

Outrage – In the Dark (Over/Shadow)

Presha – Temple (Samurai Music)

Jaise – Stripes (Dispatch Recordings)

Revan – Wild Style (Subtitles)

Task Horizon – Shrink Ray {Phace Rmx} (Evolution Chamber)

Gest – Superstructure (Shogun Audio)

Scary Woods – The Whispering (Insomnius Music)

Marly Marl – Feel Deep Headz (Metalheadz)

Break, SP MC – Box Clever (Symmetry)

Dr Woe – From the Deep (Insomnius Music)


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