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DT DNB Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: DJ Raggo


Sophie Calder aka DJ Raggo is a Bristol based artist, originally from London who has been influenced from a young age from the likes of Virus Recordings, DrumNBassArena and Metalheadz. Having started in the field of House music you can feel Raggo’s Uk Funky passion combine with her early influences making her style quite unique.

DJ Raggo has made some huge progress for the early stages of her career. With her first year seeing her play for RedBull’s NormalNotNovelty, her festival debut at Nozstock, her international debut at Membrain Festival, as well as sets with radio stations such as Reprezent, 1020 and Studio 808Live. It’s fair to say DJ Raggo is on a mission! Last year saw some of her best progress yet beginning with the joining of Marcus Nasty’s Exceptional DJ programme with Rinse FM, and a catalogue of some of drum and bass’ biggest festivals such as NASS, Hospitality on the Beach, Boomtown and Outlook.

With a fast pace and vibrant movement, DJ Raggo has recently been reigniting her love for the darker side of Drum and Bass which saw her joining Bristol/Portsmouth label Ransaked Records.

An advocate for women in music, DJ Raggo is taking the underground scene by storm. Having found her feet in this wild jungle hold tight to the vines as it’s about to go Raggo…

Check out DJ Raggo’s Renegade Riddims mix below and download it here


Canna X Rayn – ‘Ganja Cru’
Motiv – ‘Droid’
Creatures – ‘Inflicted’
Monty – ‘STK’
Invadhertz – ‘Cold Fluid’
missledz – ‘Parallel’
Bou X Ungluded – ‘Ascendant Man’
Soko – ‘Soundboy Bredrin’
Bredren – ‘Flick Knife ‘
Defraction – ‘Insight’
Tyler Frost – ‘Illusion’
Ben Snow – ‘Pressure’
Lupo – ‘Respect’
Monty & Alix Perez – ‘Cursive’
Ajax – ‘Entity’
QZB Emperor – ‘Nixon’
Jam thieves – ‘Menace’
Alchemist – ‘Slew Riddim’
Wings & Sinic – ‘Fin’
Enei ft Charli Brix – Get closer
Submarine – ‘Return of Enel’
Nooch – ‘Paka Punch’
Terrence and Phillip – ‘Static’
Total Science & Script – ‘Devils Gate’
The Sauce – ‘Mr Robot’ ft Aoloi
Archaea – ‘Forsaken’
Lupo – ‘Licka’
Kl – ‘Horror Story’
Mr Longhandz – ‘Slinky’
Trakker – ‘Praying Mantis’