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DT DNB Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Decibella


From humble beginnings as an intern at Knowledge Magazine at the age of 15, Decibella has spent her adult life immersed in drum & bass and jungle music. By the age of 21, she was learning to mix, developing an affinity with a genre that makes you move and makes you feel. Captivated by the sounds of Garage, Hardcore and Jungle via pirate radio stations and rave tape packs, Decibella found her home on the dance-floors of One Nation, Telepathy and Raindance where she began her underground musical education.

Her DJ sets capture the authentic sounds of Jungle, across its broad spectrum of forms. With a soulful yet rude girl style and refined selection, even though she’s pushing the freshest dubs and releases from the scenes new wave of contemporary artists and labels, her taste is infused with a revered nod to the original sound and vibe of the genre. And she knows her history! Being a keen record collector, she will draw from the archives when the moment is right.

‘Jungle to me is this beautiful mixture of darkness and light and of softness and toughness, I always try to balance these elements in my DJ sets and when I’m making music in the studio.’ – Decibella

When she connected with DJ Mantra through EQ50 she took a leap as an artist. Mantra recognised her unique style as a DJ and authentic music as a producer and asked her to become a resident at the renowned and respected Rupture. When DJ Stretch heard her music he signed her debut release to his AKO 10 imprint and she began playing at his AKO Beatz nights. She has established herself in the scene as a passionate and talented DJ and an exciting new producer. She’s played alongside some of the most legendary artists such as Foul Play, Flight and Grooverider, and new stars Coco Bryce and Sherelle.

I actually only became aware of Decibella around 6 months ago after spotting her name on a line up and did some digging. Anyone who knows me will know who much I love Jungle and finding new artists. So when I find one who ticks both boxes I get very excited. I immediately hit Decibella up after being so blown away by the mixes I heard and we arranged for her to join us on Renegade Riddims. I’ve been so excited for this one to drop, I have to say! Enjoy!

Check out her Decibella’s amazing Jungle mix below and download it from here


The Untouchables – Genetic Mutations VIP
Mark Kloud – Strength
Homem – Omen VIP
Acid Lab & Alg0rh1m – Insidious
Unknown – Sidewinder
S.Kid- Oasis
The Rookie – Dre’der – AKO
JUIC-E – Rave End (ED808 Remix)
Boca ft Porgus – Watching The World Go By
SUB – On My Frequency
Pete Cannon – As We Rinse
The Chalice Crew – Righteous Teachings (The Most Sounds) Verse 1
Digital – Bitter Wind (Double O VIP)
Circ’ 96 – Cave Dweller
Nebula’ – Retrospective
Pesh’y – The Vocal Tune
PFM – Love & Happiness