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DT DNB Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Cynical Gene


Cynical Gene, whose real name is Craig Winney, kicked off his DJ career at the young age of 15 and quickly figured out this was his calling. Originally from Brighton but now relocated, he spent a decade spinning tracks before diving into production. Over the years, he’s steadily perfected his craft, developing a unique sound in the darker, rolling Drum & Bass scene.

His journey to date has been pretty impressive. He’s supported legends like Randall, Dillinja, and Audio, DJing across six different countries. Cynical Gene has released tracks on notable labels like Deeper DNB, Grand Theft Audio, Locked Up Music, Yamatai Records, and Abyssal Music​ (Beatport)​​ (Best Drum and Bass)​. Notable collaborations include the tracks ‘Baba Yaga / Disposal’ with Lavance and Scepticz, released by Midas Touch Recordings​ (Beatport)​. Additionally, his solo project ‘Energy Flash’ was released on Modular Carnage Recordings​ (Volumo)​, and his EP ‘Memoires of Mr Blue’ dropped on May 17, 2024​ (Volumo)​.

Beyond the studio, he’s known for electrifying live sets that keep the crowd hooked from start to finish. With more releases lined up for the rest of 2024, Cynical Gene is just getting started. Keep an ear out, because there’s plenty more to come!

Today, he joins our Renegade Riddims series with a brand new mix which is dark and rolling from strat to finish. It features a load of music by himself and also artists such as Leks, Kalane, Brain, Koax, Melysma, Yannons, DLR, Jam Thieves, Gifta & Xyde & Vispera, Ill Truth and loads more!

Check out the mix below and download it for free here!


Cynical Gene artwork

Sum up this mix in 10 words…

A mix of my dubs alongside other banging drum & bass

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

Feeling them all but if I had to say one I guess it would be Melysma – We Return…Got some sick vibes !!

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

Nothing special really, just no-nonsense mixing and letting some tunes actually breathe without hammering a new tune every 22 seconds…

Tell us about your next EP…

My next EP is actually released today also! It’s a 5 track techy kinda neuro EP and it’s out on Modular Carnage Recordings so go grab it now!!! CLICK HERE

What have you got coming up? 

Stacking up quite a few tunes now as you can see in the mix, but I have a track coming out on Empathy Audio later in the year (the track is called ‘Spirare’ in this mix ). Also got a remix in the works for Yamatai Records with my boy Threts, and just getting tunes together to send to labels! (so if labels are interested in the dubs in this mix hit me up!)

When was the last time you actually raved?

It was at my boy’s night in Antwerp, Abyssal Music take over a couple of weeks back!

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

I just wanna say a massive shout out to you all for the support over the years, it really wouldn’t be possible to keep myself pushing on without the help of you lot! Big thanks to all producers helping me and thanks to Data Transmission for the support and allowing me to send a mix in! Hope you enjoy it!


1. Cynical Gene & Marge – Inside (Abyssal Music)
2. Cynical Gene – Tunnelvision (Modular Carnage)
3. Scepticz & Cynical Gene – Disposal (Midas Touch Free Download)
4. Cynical Gene – Nebula (Dub)
5. Cynical Gene – Creep (Dub)
6. Cynical Gene – Resurgence (Fragmented Recordings)
7. Cynical Gene – Subside (Dub)
8. Cynical Gene – Smells Like Gene Spirit (Dub)
9. Cynical Gene – Memoires Of Mr Blue (Modular Carnage)
10. Cynical Gene – Unaware (Modular Carnage)
11. Melysma – We Return (Yamatai Recordings)
12. Greezy Vibes – Loot Up (Dub)
13. Variable Op-Bowl Drop (Midas Touch)
14. LR – Story
15. Ill Truth – Nineteen Ninety Now
16. Jam Thieves – El Patron (Nemesis Recordings)
17. Cynical Gene – Spirare ( Empathy Audio Dub)
18. Koax- Untold
19. Xyde & Leks – Doghouse (Phase Records)
20. Yannons – Liberty Walk (Midas Touch)
21. Speaker Louis – Southbank Rhythms (Yamatai Recordings)
22. DLR – Dont Forget
23. Cynical Gene – Thinkin Of You ( Dub)
24. Variable Op – Going Out (Midas Touch)
25. Leks – See You When (Hyperactivity Music)
26. Apollo – Dance With Me ( Empathy Audio)
27. Nesbra – Obscurus (Off License Records Dub)
28. Gifta, Xyde & Vispera – Power (Phase Records)
29. High Frequency – Badboy Sound ( Goat Shed )
30. Leks & Endorphine – Focus (Yamatai Recordings)
31. Dub Head – Flux (Forthcoming Mustard Music)
32.Kalane – Balfouri (Yamatai Recordings)
33. Apollo – Right Now (Empathy Audio)
34. Sili – Repeat (In The Lab Recordings)
35. Leks & Endorphine – Russo (Yamatai Recordings)
36. Nesbra – Legend (Off License Records)
37. Blind Carbon – Hypnotherapy (Deeper Dnb)
38. Cynical Gene & Native C – Bad Feelin ( Modular Carnage)
39. Cynical Gene – Dogpack (Dub)
40. Threts & Cynical Gene – Flawless Victory (Free Download Yamatai Recordings)
41. Midas – What I Got (Midas Touch)
42. Brain – Near Future (Forthcoming Mustard Music)
43. Dub Head – Relic (Forthcoming Mustard Music)