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DT DNB Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: CRSV & TS


CRSV is a DJ & Producer from Germany. He got into electronic music at the age of 14 and stumbled upon Drum and Bass 2 years later at a rave in his hometown Chemnitz. Immediately he was grabbed by the vibes and he couldn’t get enough of it.

His first official gig was in summer 2009 followed by many more and his first record release was in 2013. More releases followed on various labels such as C Recordings, Chillax Trax, SoulRidaz and others before he took a break from producing and changed his alias early 2018.

TS is also a DJ and producer from Germany. In 2008 he came into contact with Drum and Bass. Immediately touched by its variety he stuck with it and started DJing in 2011. In 2014 he took it a step further and started producing his own tracks and released his first singles in 2016 on labels like C Recordings, CRD, Liquid Boppers and others.

In 2012 CRSV and TS met for the first time and became immediately hit it off and became close friends. After numerous gigs and events together they joined forces and started to produce their own tracks in 2018. This saw releases on Differential Records, Subplate Records and Locked Up Music followed with many more to offerings scheduled to come.

Last week we premiered their track ‘Huntress’ which dropped on Locked Up Music, check it out here, this week sees CRSV and TS join the ranks of our Renegade Riddims mix series with tracks from Break & Total Science, Alix Perez, DLR, Dawn Wall, Cause4Concern, Creatures and loads more!

Check out CRSV & TS mix below and download it from here


Monrroe feat. Jinadu – Horizon (Shogun Audio)
Mohican Sun – Dead Sea (Integral Records)
Djah – Layedback Russ (Fokuz Recordings)
Break & Total Science – Dog’s Dinner (Symmetry Recordings)
Invadhertz – No One (Delta9 Recordings)
Arcatype – Tempest (Ingredients Records)
In:Most & Mistrust – Fever Dreams (Soulvent Records)
Sustance – One Away (Overview Music)
Enei feat. Anastasia – Limits (Critical Music)
CRSV & TS – Conversation (Locked Up Music)
Natural Forces – Alone (Dispatch Recordings)
Qbig & Zenith B – Honya (Flexout Audio)
Proxima- Vultureous (Vision Recordings)
Submarine – Grunge (1985 Music)
Phentix – Weird Science (Flexout Audio)
Abstract Elements – Ruberoid (MethLab Recordings)
Break feat. Kyo – The Edge of Time (Symmetry Recordings)
Alix Perez – Phantonym (1985 Music)
Creatures – Hunter (Flexout Audio)
Walk:r – Oscillate (Guidance)
CRSV & TS – Gravity (Differential Recordings)
DLR – Journey to Mars (Dispatch Recordings)
Phentix & Revaux – Don’t Wait (Vandal Records)
Dawn Wall – Round Table (Integral Records)
Sustance – Allow (It) (Dispatch Recordings)
Siege MC & Hiraeth – Overdue (Soulvent Records)
Amoss – Before It’s Too Late (Flexout Audio)
CRSV & TS – Under Siege (Locked Up Music)
Mindmapper & Silvahfonk – Absolution (Ed:It Remix) (Blendits Audio)
HLZ – Hot Blues (Integral Records)
Cesco – Angry Waves (1985 Music)
Kolectiv – Give Nothing (CRSV & TS Remix)
Magnus – Summer’s Here (Break Remix) (Radar Records)
Ordure – Chroniker (Flexout Audio)
Revaux – Sludge (Flexout Audio)
CRSV & TS – Huntress (Locked Up Music)
Cause4Concern – Droidz (Task Horizon Remix) (C4C Recordings)
Kove – Searching (MTA Records)


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