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DT DNB Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: BrandNewTrumpets


South Londoner BrandNewTrumpets is next to join our Renegade Riddims series which focuses on shining a light on up and coming DJs and producers.

BrandNewTrumpets has always a secret song writer. She got into production over 10yrs ago now, tinkering with electronic music, hip-hop beats and Drum & Bass. She says “DnB is in my blood” and it shows! Becca aka BrandNewTrumpets started raving at the age of 14, clubbing up to 5 nights a week on best best days! She is fortunate to be completely surrounded by music makers in her personal life. Both of her brothers are producers, (her younger brother is currently signed to Hospital Records, you may have heard of Mitekiss?! Also her husband is the Drum & Bass MC/ vocalist, GoldenchildMC aka Mr Porter. Her older brother, Shiva, husband and Blackeye MC had a crew called Lab Creation, of which she was an honorary member! 

Around 6yrs ago, with a change in profession, BrandNewTrumpets became increasingly confident with her own sound. She started taking herself a bit more seriously and was happy to be more subversive. She drew influences from whatever had her buzzing at the time, from Radiohead to Flying Lotus. Right now it’s Brittany Howard and Culoe de Song! She had a couple of releases over this period, including a collaboration with her younger brother and an EP on Siren Audio, thanks to the beautiful Billy Denial, RIP. They had projects in the making before he sadly passed away.

Fast forward to 2019 when a chance meeting with Diffrent Music boss, Chris Dexta, ended with him signing her exclusively to Diffrent Music. This is where she released her Diffrent Debut EP, ‘Ode to Ole’.  She tells us “Getting on the Diffrent train has been magic”. Since signing with Diffrent, BrandNewTrumpets has been learning to DJ and is loving it! She’s been fortunate enough to play at a couple of nights, including 170 @ Rye Wax!

“I’ve really enjoyed pushing myself and I just love the creative extension of DJing, so much so, I’ve been writing a couple of dancefloor tracks to draw on.”BrandNewTrumpets

BrandNewTrumpets latest release, ‘The Workers‘, is out now and there’s more on the horizon. And we can’t wait! We are in love with her more traditional approach to Drum & Bass, it’s a breath of fresh air!

Check out BrandNewTrumpets mix below. As ever it’s available to download for free from here


1) BrandNewTrumpets – Our Ancestors Dream (Diffrent Music)

2) The Untouchables – Baiana (RuptureLDN)

3) Madcap – Empire Dub (Skeleton Recordings)

4) Earl Grey – Levitate VIP (Western Lore)

5) dgoHn – Invisible Sandwich (dgoHn-Music)

6) Mako – Narrator (Metalheadz)

7) Lynch Kingsley – Distance Between Soundwaves (Inperspective)

8) Digital & Spirit – Captive (31 Recordings)

9) Dom & Roland – Remember your Roots (Dom & Roland Productions)

10) Dillinja – Silver Blade (Prototype)

11) Jonny L – 2 of Us (Photek Remix) (XL Recordings)

12) System – Soundman (Exit Records)

13) Threshold – Bi Polar (AKO Beatz)

14) Breakage – Rudeboy Stuff (Index)

15) Sully – Swandive (Astrophonica)

16) Threshold – Humble in the Jungle (AKO Beatz)

17) Andy Skopes – Let Go (Metalheadz)

18) Madcap – Moroccan Sun (Mac 2 Digital)

19) Sabotka – Overstand (AKO Beatz)

20) Breakage – Foundation (Digital Soundboy)

21) BrandNewTrumpets – The Workers (Diffrent Music). 


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