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Renegade Riddims: Asterix


Asterix is taking the scene by storm! She started off her journey in Bristol and has made her mark throughout the country and reached international waters, for her debut at Hospitality On The Beach in 2019. She originally began her musical journey in the heart of Bristol, with an influx of inspiration from different genres including hip hop, funk and dancehall. Her tune selection of drum and bass and jungle always upholds a unique level of energy and the vibrant atmosphere for her sets are fragranced with the hip-shaking melodies of old school ragga vocals and deep, darker basslines.

From Hospitality to Boomtown, NASS to Rinse FM, Asterix has reached overseas and back delighting our airwaves, festivals and events with her individual sounds, energetic atmosphere and personal flair. Being a member of the Marcus Nasty Exceptional DJ Program has introduced Asterix to our radio waves regularly on Rinse FM. Back to her beginnings, Asterix has been heavily involved in the equality and female movement that sit comfortably the music scene, representing the all-female collective Concrete Jungyals for International Women’s Day at events and radios across England. Being an avid member of the music scene and the female movement has always been important to her.

We were first approached by Asterix on Instagram and have gotten to know her quite well, even incorporating her into our team of knowledgable freelance writers. Check out her recent review of MADE Festival here. Now she joins our Renegade Riddims with a mix of wicked tune selections from across the jungle and D&B spectrums.

Check out Asterix’s brand new mix below and download it here


  1. Music Club – Chase and Status
  2. Circles Remix – Adam F (dRamatic & dbAudio remix)
  3. Excuses – Break
  4. Iron Balls – Calibre
  5. On Road – Garnda & Aries & Rahmanee (Ben Snow Remix)
  6. Intensity – Bladerunner
  7. Lambo – Need for Mirrors
  8. Herbsmoke – Aries (Benny Page Remix)
  9. stalker – Aphrodite
  10. Breathe – Bladerunner
  11. Vandilero – Sam Binga & Redders (Particle Remix)
  12. Cocooned – Bungle
  13. Tribal Killaz – Ragga Twins
  14. Limitless – Terrance and Phillip
  15. High Times – L-side & MC Fats
  16. Times Come – Critical Impact
  17. Delusion – Nooch
  18. Original Nuttah – 25 years remix
  19. Valley of the Shadows – Chase and Status Remix
  20. Original Format – D Double E & Watch The Ride feat. Dismantle, DJ Randall, DJ Die & DieMantle
  21. Sound System Dub – Sub Zero feat Dread MC
  22. The Vircus – AC13
  23. Program – Chase and Status & IRAH
  24. Tinnies & Ciggies – Amoss
  25. Under Mi Sensi – Barrington Levy (Particle Remix)
  26. Dnb Religion – Terrance & Philip
  27. Grand Funk Hustle – Break & Die
  28. Headtop Champion – Critical Impact & Carasel