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Renegade Riddims: Anny


For our first Renegade Riddims mix of 2024, I’d like to introduce you to Anny. I met Anny at a Virus event at The Steelyard last November and had a wicked night chatting and skanking. Off the back of that, I invited her to join our mix series, obviously, she said yes, so here we are!

Anny is not only one of the forces behind Bass Camp LDN; she’s a story woven through diverse beats and cultural blends. Originally from Singapore, she traded the city’s rhythm for London’s pulse back in 2015. With its rich variety of sounds, London became the canvas where Anny’s musical journey began to unfold.

Debuting as a DJ in April 2023, Anny swiftly made waves with her magnetic sets, diving headfirst into the realms of heavy dancefloor rhythms and the intricate layers of Neurofunk. But here’s the twist—Anny doesn’t just see herself as a performer; she’s a raver at heart. Her love for the scene’s energy and spirit is what drives her, making her sets not just performances but experiences that echo the passion she holds for music.

Anny’s not just about the beats; she’s a torchbearer for unity and diversity within the music realm. As a proud resident of Music from the Mothership, she champions inclusivity across the spectrum—be it gender, race, orientation, or neurodiversity. Her mark isn’t just on the dancefloor; it’s in the hearts of those who resonate with her message of togetherness.

From rocking the airwaves of Kool FM to making a splash on Data Transmission Radio with Music from the Mothership, Anny’s journey through London’s music scene has been nothing short of stellar. Stepping onto revered stages like E1, Basement 45, and even the illustrious Boomtown, she’s humbled by the trust and love she received early in her career. And she’s all about giving back—her belief in paying it forward resonates in every beat she spins.

Beyond the decks, you might catch her as a vibrant representative at Rampage events or tuning in to her monthly show on Music Box Radio. Anny’s not just plugged into the music; she’s part of its beating heart, intertwining her narrative into the vibrant tapestry of the scene.

Anny has delivered a really well put together mix for us, the track selection and execution are wicked! It features music from the likes of Bad Company, Pendulum, The Prototypes, Optical & Ed Rush, Noisia & The Updeats, Pythius, Kaizen Flow, Jade, Delta Heavy, Kleu, Audio and loads more!

Check out the mix below and download it for free here!


Anny artwork

Sum up this mix in 10 words…

An admittedly confused (eclectic?) but wondrous journey of stimulating sounds. 

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

Difficult question – maybe Collision by Audio or Dustup by Noisia and The Upbeats. I am a neuro girl at heart!

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

Nothing but a lot of love. I have a great fondness for the old classics, from the likes of Noisia, The Prototypes and Pendulum, but also new interesting sounds that tingle my senses from producers like Noise Parfumerie (another Asian artist like me!) and BMotion. I really tried to push myself to play styles of drum and bass that I don’t usually mix, but found myself ending up back in the comforting arms of Neurofunk and dancefloor.

What have you got coming up? 

My biggest gig yet! I’m performing at the Steel Yard London on 26th January for The Prototype’s big comeback show, it’s a 360 show b2b with my diligent business partner Kieran (Kaizah). I’m really excited but humbled by this opportunity, I haven’t been mixing for even a year so I do not take this for granted. Otherwise, my biggest goal for the year is to get up to scratch on production – I want to make some heavy neuro! 

When was the last time you actually raved

Virus at the Steel Yard! What an unforgettable, sweaty night. Obviously, I bought a season pass to all three nights on first release, I would not miss that for the world and that’s my dream night to perform at. Virus night is quite special to me, I usually just buy a ticket and go by myself because I end up seeing everyone I know from the scene anyway! 

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

If you love drum and bass, go and support the underground scene. Go and see the small up-and-coming DJs and producers, go an hour earlier to see the opening acts, go and explore new nights put on by small promoters. I know that the best nights I’ve discovered last year were those run by small promoters where their love for the music really shone through. Otherwise, Audio if you see this – I am dying for a copy of your Killa Bees remix please!! 


Noise Parfumerie – La Campanella

Skeptical, Halogenix – Independent (Skeptical Remix)

Chamba – Her Story (Pinks Remix)

Premonition – Come Closer

Alibi – Cause & Effect

Aduken, Sola – Desolate

BMotion – Arabia

Calyx & TeeBee – Skank

Sola, I.C.U – Tunnel Vision

Gridlok – Opera

Bad Company – The Pulse (The Prototypes Remix)

Killer Hertz – Armada

Kleu – Hypersonix

Optical, Ed Rush – Chubrub

The Prototypes – Pale Blue Dot

Noisia, The Upbeats – Dead Limit

Teddy Killerz – Get up!

Kaizen Flow, Venshu – Violence

Pythius, Gridlok – Sound Barrier (Gydra Remix)

Perplex (DNB) – The Abyss

Pendulum – Blood Sugar

Nuklear, Pythius – Whiplash

Noisia, The Upbeats – Dustup

Audio – Collision

The Prototypes, Prolix – Enter The Void

Mizo – Rage Out

Cyntax – Your Time Is Now

TR Tactics, Mean Teeth – Hellraiser

TR Tactics, 2Whales – Weak (VIP)

The Upbeats – Beyond Reality

Noisia – Into Dust (Neonlight Remix)

Kaizen Flow, HighThere – Prisoner

Zombie Cats – NO HURT NO LIES

Jade – Man Eating Lizard Dragon

Black Sun Empire – Pull the Trigger

The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (Noisia Remix)

Wilkinson – Tonight

Delta Heavy – White Flag (VIP Mix)

Phaseone Ft. Koven – Lost