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Renegade Riddims: Amy B


Let the girls of Drum & Bass stand up…

We’re really happy today to be bringing you a special mix from up and comer Amy B. We met Amy at a Good Vibes Only event in London last year and after a short chat, we realised very quickly that this girl had an agenda and would be one to watch. She has studied and qualified in the art of DJing at London Sound Academy and is regularly seen at music conferences to learn and network, which is a really important part of being a DJ.

Amy B is beginning to pick up attention with her quest to address and level the playing field of Drum & Bass. Her mission is to shine a light on the women that have sat in the shadows of the scene for far too long and give recognition to the scene’s ever overlooked, female participants.

Her first step towards making this movement a reality is this mix which includes all female-produced tracks, to highlight the exceptional female talent in the Drum & Bass scene and to make people more aware of the artists they are listening to.

As an up and coming artist in her own right, Amy B’s mixes and DJ sets aim to conquer this imbalance by pushing female lead Drum & Bass to the forefront and eulogising this overwhelmingly male scene.

Drum & Bass has been around for over two decades and not much has changed since the early 90s in terms of gender diversity. Now more than ever, we have a responsibility to make Drum & Bass progressive and encourage women to have confidence in themselves and their music. Let’s put an end to the old boys’ club that is Drum & Bass and recreate this scene as a community that provides an opportunity for everyone.

Balance the scales…

Check out Amy B’s Renegade Riddims mix below and download it here


A.Fruit – The Drummer – Slime Recordings
Kyrist – The Drifted – Addictive Behaviour Records
Danky – Immerse Me – Samsara Beats
Dilemma – Transfix – Soulvent Records
Kyrist – Hoodlum – Dispatch Recordings
Paige Julia – Sprint – Totally Roasted Digital
Liz-E – Hellride – Smokin Riddims
Sweetpea – Torn – Hospital Records
Kyrist – Force of Habit – Dispatch Recordings
Alion – Lost Gold – Totally Roasted Digital
Liz-E – Need You – SGN:LTD
Kallan HK – Slow Motion – Viper Recordings
B-Complex – Ocean Deep – Santorin Records
Mantra – Credentials – Syncopathic.Recordings
Euphonique – Here We Are Now – JungleXpeditions
Flava D – Human Trumpet – Hospital Records
Nvrsoft, Linda Kay – Premonitions – Audioporn
Mizeyesis – Ruffneck 3rd Eye Junglist feat. Elijah Divine – Faction Digital Recordings FDR
Djinn – Red Rain – Repertoire
Euphonique – Criminal – Born On Road
Charla Green – Trainwreck – Boey Audio
Missrepresent – Back On It – Sliced Note Recordings
Liz-E – Dreamer – Smokin Riddims
Dilemma – Mistake or Design – Flight Pattern Records
Mantra – Powder of Life A.K.O Beatz
Sweetpea – Don’t Talk Back – Terabyte Records
Flava D – Return To Me – Hospital Records
Miss Redflower – Chase the Light – Genome Rec
Euphonique – Sell Out – Born On Road


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