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Renegade Masters: Lynx & Jamm:n

Lynx & Jamm:n artwork

Introducing our new Renegade Masters mix which takes us on a sonic journey where two masters of electronic music, Lynx and Jamm:n, unite to unleash a relentless wave of sound. Get ready to embark on a dynamic adventure through the realms of underground beats, where the boundaries of music are pushed to their limits. This exclusive collaboration promises to deliver a fusion of their distinct talents, giving rise to a mix that will take your senses on an electrifying ride. Brace yourself for an audio experience like no other, as Lynx and Jamm:n converge to captivate your ears and ignite your passion for cutting-edge soundscapes.

Lynx is a dedicated figure in the world of Drum & Bass, renowned for delivering fresh and innovative underground electronic music. His notable tracks like ‘Disco Dodo’, ‘Global Enemies’, and the award-nominated debut album ‘The Raw Truth’ have solidified his reputation in the DnB scene. His prolific output spans across major labels, establishing him as a top-tier producer. Lynx is known for defying musical conventions, preferring to break them. Over 15 years, he’s consistently pushed the boundaries of his craft.

As a diverse and talented DJ, Lynx builds his live sets with exclusive and upfront material, appealing to a wide range of clubbers and festival-goers. He’s been associated with respected labels like Soul:r, Fabio’s Creative Source, 31 Records, Bingo Beats, and Digital Soundboy.

Lynx burst onto the scene in 2006 with a unique sound, but it’s important to note the years he spent honing his skills, starting with early releases on labels like Underfire, Audio Blueprint, and Renegade Recordings. He had his first release at just 17, collaborating with Hardcore pioneers Ramos, Supreme, and Sunset Regime. Lynx’s career in music evolved as he gained extensive studio experience and earned a Master’s degree in Audio Technology. He transitioned from hardcore to the new wave of techno-infused DnB in 2002, releasing tracks like ‘Meltin Pot’ and ‘Special Agent’, championed by DnB heavyweights.

As a prolific DJ, Lynx has developed a versatile style that draws influences from various genres, including rock, reggae, electro, and hip-hop. He’s performed worldwide, from intimate clubs to massive festivals across Europe, the US, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Jamm:n‘s journey in the world of DnB/Jungle began in the early ’90s, where he championed this genre in a sea of hardcore and happy hardcore enthusiasts. He managed the well-known record store Fusion Records, collaborating with his friends VinylGroover and Ramos, who were hardcore legends. He played a significant role in the scene, performing at events for Fusion, Adrenalin, Evolution, Helter Skelter, Fantazia, and more. Jamm:n was also involved in producing tracks for Explosive Vinyl, a label he co-owned, and RSR Recordings, owned by hardcore/breakbeat pioneers Ramos, Supreme, and Sunset Regime.

After the birth of his daughter, Jamm:n shifted his focus towards a stable future for his family and became a qualified carpenter. He didn’t leave DnB music but had to step back from performing and producing due to time constraints. Two years ago, he re-entered the scene, initially attempting to pick up where he left off. However, the landscape had changed significantly. He started experimenting with streams, local performances, and rekindled his passion for writing and producing.

Lynx, who had set up Detail Recordings, entered the picture over a year ago, and their collaboration clicked immediately, creating a unique sound with support from Randall, Ant TC1, Break, Doc Scott, and more. They’re just scratching the surface and have released their fifth track, with us having the exclusive first play! Jamm:n also initiated local events called Therapy, focusing on supporting and showcasing local up-and-coming talent, acknowledging the challenges he faced breaking through in the past. Today, this is a hobby for him, less stressful than when it was a primary source of income, and the future holds intriguing possibilities for this second round.

Earlier today we premiered Lynx & Jamm:n’s new track ‘All We Gotta Do’ which you can check out below, you can grab a copy for you collection here!

To coincide with this, albeit purely by chance, the duo have delivered us a phenomenal mix for our Renegade Masters series. Lynx has recorded the first half and Jamm:n has recorded the second half. As usual there are interview questions answered by both artists and each have sent us their own tracklists which you will find beneath the mix. The mix features music from artists such as themselves, both solo tracks and collab track, Krust, Chimpo, Rockwell, The Sauce, Dunk, DLR Myth and Jabaru (RIP) and loads more!

Check out the mix below and download it for free here!



Sum up this mix in 10 words…

Future, retro, dystopian,  minimal, analogue, soul, roots, vibrant, oppressive, dynamic.

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

Unashamedly  I’m going to pick one of my own. Lynx & Malibu Give it to Me forthcoming on my label Detail Recordings. Haha

My favourite other than that has to be Chimpo Ft Salo Let Me Rise on Critical. It’s been around for a while now but it’s pure class.

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

The music it’s all about the music

Tell us about your next EP…

The dark and heavy hitting Lynx & Jamm:n ‘Layer Cake’ & ‘Demon’ are out now on Detail Recordings. 

We follow that up, today actually, with some liquid sounds, a track named ‘All We Gotta Do’.

What have you got coming up? 

Beyond that in November I’m releasing a track with long term studio collaborator Malibu a track that’s been going off called ‘Give it to M’e.  We are following that up next year with an Ep or maybe even an album. 

Going into next year I have a couple of singles coming with Metaheadz.  That was definitely one to tick off the bucket list of labels I have wanted to work with. Goldie has been awesome in his a&r approach. It’s refreshing to have Actual phone conversations and video calls about the music. Gives you a real lift in this day and age where everything is so impersonal.

Finally, I started my own mastering service dnbmastering about 18 months. It’s gone from strength to strength. I’m really busy mastering tracks from existing labels such as 31, Soul In Motion, Influence, V, to new emerging producers looking that extra bit of oomph on their demos. Everyday is a new challenge and it’s awesome to hear all this fresh new music coming out by some incredible labels and musicians.

When was the last time you actually raved?

Not sure it was the last but a memorable time was a few years back, after  I had DJ’ed dancing in the crowd in Sao Paul to Marky playing old rave tunes. Good times. 

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

Hope you all enjoy the mix and if you do remember to check out my music, follow me and all that. Cheers!


Sum up this mix in 10 words…

Funky, minimal, soulful, intelligent easy to listen to, so there 🙂

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

Well I’d have to say ‘Steplicious Funk’ is one of my favs just due to its vibe and simplicity, sometimes the tracks you think have been the least effort come out pretty okay, ‘Drone 5’ is a great track, it was supported by Randall long before release, was our first release on Detail together and just ticks all the boxes for me personally..

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

For me personally and with the style of tracks I like, it’s about digging deep and finding those gems as well as having the upfront stuff, gone the days where I would be cutting dubs and turning up with tracks no one has heard, that’s not the ‘most’ important thing these days as everyone is making tracks and playing their own unreleased stuff, playing tracks that I love is what’s important to me and hopefully that carries over to the crowd, the mix has a couple of different blends happening so take a listen!

Tell us about your next EP…

Well our (Myself and Lynx) new track ‘All We Gotta Do’ just dropped which DTDNB has an exclusive with, then after that who knows, we’ve got some real nice tracks already sitting and waiting so it’s getting together and seeing what goes with what and go from there. My own stuff? Who knows, we’ll see.

What have you got coming up? 

I’m supporting Metalheadz in Brighton at the end of the month for the Liquid Lunch guys who’ve been asked to take over room2 at the Volks, I’ll be playing a rare deep/tech liquid set so I’m excited for that joined by S-Ence MC. The I have my own Therapy events that are running in Dec and NYE, watch out for that one local people

When was the last time you actually raved?

Does being at my own Therapy events count?? In which case last weekend!

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

One love to you all, a huge shout to everyone supporting me, a massive shout out to Data Transmission who continue to support and contribute to the scene and lastly make sure you support your local events and artists, they are the cogs to the DnB engine who without them and their support the scene wouldn’t be where it is today. It needs that support to keep striving forward..


Curious Todd (Lynx & Maple Remix) – I dont Wanna Feel  (The Payback Project)

Rockwell – Skepticz – Leng – (1985)

Lynx – Shut It Out – (Prestige Music)

Lynx & Jamm:n – Layer Cake – (Detail Recordings)

Watch the Ride – Soul Foundations – (Rinse)

Lynx – Splutter – (Metalheadz Dub)

Chimpo Ft Salo Let Me Rise – (Critical)

Dunk – Dark Piano – (Ransacked)

Lynx & Malibu – Give It To Me – (Detail Dub)

Hazard – Undesirables – (Critical)

Reuben – Subtle – (Shogun)

Lynx & Jamm:n – Dreamer – (Detail Recordings)

Suv – Slideaway – (V)

Commix (D Bridge Remix) – Belleview – (Metalheadz)

Krust – War & Peace – (V)

Lynx & Jamm:n – Demon – (Detail Recordings)


Jamm:n – Steplicious Funk (DUB)

Speaker Louis – Sound Control (Four Corners Promo)

DUNK & Theoretical – Transition (31 Recordings)

The Sauce- Big Up Inna Dance (CIA Records)

Speaker Louis – Flip The Fader (Molecular Rmx)

Alien Perfect – Dr Drunkenstein (The Sauce Recordings)

DUNK – Up The Mood (Vandal Records)

DLR – Tryin Get This Money (Sofa Sound)

LOG1N – Question I have (T3K Recordings

Sekty – Sometimes Healthy (True Hertz)

Untrue – Critical (Love For Low Frequencies)

Lynx & Jamm:n – Drone 5 (Detail Recordings)

Alien Perfect – Utmost Finesse (The Sauce Recordings)

Myth & Jabaru – Missed (DRM – A Tribute to Jabaru)

Easy – Get Down (Influence Records Promo)

Lynx & Jamm:n – All We Gotta Do (Detail Recordings Promo)