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Renegade Hardware unleash the 2nd instalment of their ‘From The Vaults’ LP


‘From The Vaults’ stands as a meticulously curated collection within the Drum & Bass domain, carefully assembling a spectrum of talents tasked with reimagining Renegade Hardware‘s illustrious back catalogue. This initiative harmoniously blends some of Renegade Hardware’s most iconic tracks with the unique creative interpretations of each selected artist. The result is an infusion of renewed dynamism into every composition, unveiling novel and inventive viewpoints that breathe fresh life into these timeless classics.

One of the standout gems, ‘The Plague,’ originally part of the renowned ‘Invisible Man’ EP released in 2003, remains a cherished collaboration between Keaton & Hive that resonates deeply within the hearts of Renegade Hardware aficionados and Keaton & Hive enthusiasts alike. Undertaking the mantle of remixing duties is the rising talent from the UK, Ekwols. With finesse and dedication, Ekwols delivers a compelling reinterpretation specifically crafted for the dancefloor, paying homage to the brilliance of Keaton & Hive’s original while infusing it with the distinctive hard-hitting signature style that defines Ekwols’ musical persona. This rendition is poised not just to be another track but to become a treasured gem, cherished by devoted Hardware fans for its blend of nostalgia and innovation.

While this release offers a tantalising taste of what’s to come, it merely scratches the surface of the ‘From The Vaults’ series. Renegade Hardware promises a trove of forthcoming releases that are set to captivate and enthral. Keep your ears finely attuned and poised, as Renegade Hardware unfolds more hidden treasures ‘From The Vaults,’ promising a journey of musical rediscovery and exhilaration for all Drum & Bass enthusiasts.

Check out our premiere of Keaton & Hive ‘The Plague’ (Ekwols Remix) below. The track drops this Friday, 1st December, and is available for you to get your hands on from here!


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