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René LaVice & Future Cut combine on Metalheadz


From crossover success to being pillars of the drum & bass community, both René LaVice and duo Future Cut have histories which highlight the genres diversity. Whilst René LaVice has spent over two years on the Radio 1 airwaves, showcasing the very best tracks from throughout the global scene, Future Cut have several UK #1s, alongside helping the growth of drum & bass within Manchester’s pivotal growth during the 90s. Now together they unleash a powerful new three-track release on founding platform Metalheadz, an imprint which has already played host to Future Cut and one which will soon be seeing its first delivery from René LaVice. Spearheaded by pioneering DJ Goldie, its heritage is undeniable, and it has become an integral part of UK dance music culture over the last 25 years, stretching its influence across the world.

Rolling breaks and growling bass layers characterise the opening track ‘Nine Strings’. Meanwhile, ‘Eyes’ looks at contemporary trends through a new light alongside drum heavy sequences. Our premiere today is the digital bonus track aptly named ‘Deeandbee’ which draws the release to a close, amongst searing synthesis and pounds of sub-bass following its first breakdown. Each track pulls together another massive signing from Metalheadz; together René LaVice and Future Cut add three more tracks to the label’s ever growing collection.

Check out ‘Deeandbee’ below! ‘Nine Strings / Eyes’ is released on 24th January so make sure you grab it from here


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