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Reflektor & Twofour drop ‘Hundred Foot Wave’


The dynamic Canadian Drum & Bass duo, Reflektor, have combined their talents with fellow Canadian producer TwoFour for a commanding dual release, ‘Artifakt / Hundred Foot Wave,’ poised to take audiences on an exhilarating musical voyage. This release unveils their mastery of the genre, delivering an adrenaline-fueled journey by blending dark intensity with relentless rhythms.

‘Artifakt’ initiates an assault on the senses, a sonic rollercoaster driven by an ever-evolving bassline, establishing a robust foundation for the composition. Reflektor and TwoFour swiftly assert their dominance with upfront drums and percussive arpeggios propelling the track. As the piece unfolds, an ominous dark pad envelops the listener, guiding them through a captivating breakdown. The outcome is an auditory adventure immersing the audience in a world of dynamic rhythms and entrancing atmospheres. Check out our premiere of ‘Artifakt’ here!

The release takes an electrifying turn with ‘Hundred Foot Wave.’ Like a gathering tsunami, this track steadily amplifies in intensity. Its building synth elements hint at the impending musical surge, creating anticipation for the impending sonic spectacle. When the bass drop arrives, it unleashes unyielding force, igniting an explosive surge of energy. The track peaks as the resounding proclamation of ‘Hundred Foot Wave’ echoes through the speakers, leaving the audience awestruck by the sheer power and intensity of the music.

In essence, ‘Artifakt / Hundred Foot Wave’ by Reflektor and TwoFour is a testament to the uncontainable energy and innovation within Canadian Drum & Bass. With its unrelenting beats, evolving basslines, and evocative synth arrangements, this release ensures an unforgettable sonic adventure for enthusiasts of the genre. ‘Artifakt’ and ‘Hundred Foot Wave’ serve as prime examples of these artists’ capacity to create music that resonates with the very soul of Drum & Bass, leaving audiences yearning for more of their electrifying soundscapes.

Following on from our premiere of ‘Artifakt’ last week, we proudly share ‘Hundred Foot Wave’ with you today, check it out below! The tracks drop via West Cove Recordings on Saturday 11th November, make sure you grab a copy here!

Artifakt / Hundred Foot Wave cover

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