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Reflektor team up with Twofour for ‘Artifakt’ on West Cove Recordings


Canadian Drum & Bass powerhouse duo Reflektor have joined forces with fellow Canadian producer TwoFour for a formidable two-track release ‘Artifakt / Hundred Foot Wave’ that promises an electrifying musical journey for listeners. The release showcases their prowess in the genre, delivering an adrenaline-pumping experience with a unique fusion of dark energy and relentless rhythms.

‘Artifakt’ opens with a relentless assault on the senses. The title track is an auditory rollercoaster, featuring a grinding evolving bassline that forms the backbone of the composition. Reflektor and TwoFour waste no time in establishing their dominance with up-front drums and percussive arpeggios that drive the tune forward. As the track progresses, a haunting dark pad envelops the listener, guiding them through a mesmerizing breakdown. The result is a sonic adventure that immerses the audience in a world of intense, evolving rhythms and hypnotic atmospheres.

In summary, the ‘Artifakt / Hundred Foot Wave’ release by Reflektor and TwoFour is a testament to the unbridled energy and innovation of Canadian Drum & Bass. With its relentless beats, evolving basslines, and evocative synth work, this release promises an unforgettable sonic experience for all enthusiasts of the genre. The two tracks, ‘Artifakt’ and ‘Hundred Foot Wave’, stand as prime examples of these artists’ ability to create music that resonates with the very essence of Drum & Bass, leaving audiences craving more of their electrifying soundscapes.

Today we premiere ‘Artifakt’ which you can check out below. The guys have asked us to premiere ‘Hundred Foot Wave’ too, so look out for that coming next week! The release drops next Saturday 10th November via West Cove Recordings, you can grab it here!

Artifakt cover

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