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Redpine & Solo drop ‘Citizen’ EP on Studio Rockers


After the well-received release of their ‘Time 4 Change’ EP earlier this year, Redpine & Solo, or as their birth certificates would read; John Stuckey and Sam Moss, return to London based imprint; Studio Rockers. They are ready to deliver the hauntingly beautiful ‘Citizen’ EP.

Redpine & Solo have very much remained true to their signature sonic stamp with their ‘Citizen’ EP. The duo has crafted four fresh tracks which weave a sombre sense of reality though melancholic and cinematic soundscapes. Stunningly backdropping the grave sense of poignancy society is battling with during these unprecedented times.

The title track ‘Citizen’ kicks off the EP with a sobering view centred around a vocal, which could have been ripped straight out of a Huxley novel. “They make us believe things that we never believed. They make us want things we never knew with wanted”. All the while, warping drops of distortion are layered over ghostly pads and lifted by light chords and quick, stepping breaks.

A smooth and sultry, snake charming vibe blankets our premiere ‘Re-Mind’ with an element of black magic.  There’s a lot of chance to dance in this hypotonic, stepper. The drums bring us a shuffle which is impossible for your feet to avoid, and its bouncing melody will undoubtedly get your body bopping.

Zoom Out’ is a dark and perpetual call to action. Its slow, ever forward-moving march is fraught with swaths of metallic echos and cataclysms of harsh crashing drums which cut through the tacks layers like a hot, automated knife through rationed, synthetic butter. 

While the rest of the EP brings a seductively sombre vibe, ‘Nowhere‘ finishes off proceeding with a valiant sense of uplift and hope. The soft collection of strings which float across the minor realms of the musical scale are reminiscent of Burial’s ‘Untrue’ era, and the beguiling power of mixing the dread of heart-breaking dystopian futures with unexplained hints of faith. 

Check out our premiere of ‘Re-Mind’ below. Redpine & Solo drop their ‘Citizen’ EP via Studio Rockers on 27th November. Make sure you grab a copy from here