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Ransaked Records prepare to drop ‘Frequency’ LP


Ransaked Records long awaited first official release is here. Their VA entitled ‘Frequency’ drops with a HUGE bang. Featuring a collection of 10 incredible tracks produced by 13 talented artists, it’s a great LP. The big drops and heavy drums is another example of the Ransaked signature sound.

Opening up the ‘Frequency’ LP is Benji RBM’s ‘Devil’s Eyes’. This has enough fire in it to burn the scene down, and slaps as one of the single tracks. Arxiva and Rollyax teamed up to create something dark and dangerous in ‘Slow Dancing’ bringing that European style to the mix.

Frequency artwork

For our premiere Nooch, head honcho at Ransaked, brings us an absolute banger. A collaboration with one half of Jam Thieves, Dunk, who joins in from Brazil. ‘Fatal Error’ by name but not by nature as this knockout track is definitely one to watch out for. 

‘The Clown’ is the gritty, wobbly little treat that 2020 needed, another insane example of production by the Dispatched signed artist Jabaru. Londoners ARTC.L and Formz boiling banger ‘Kettle Dub’ is a proper roller, giving a bit of that London sound to the LP.  UK based Grativ-E’s naughty number ‘Oculus’ is spooky and spacey, dropping just in time for halloween. 

As one of the residents for Ransaked, Mr Longhandz does not disappoint, his murky, growly style pushing through the sounds in his track ‘Insomnia’, a strong follow on from his last release this Bristol based producer is booming into the scene. Rise’s first release with Ransaked is a beastly package of slammer drops and clean, catchy drums. ‘Colombia’ shows off the producer’s style and fits in well as one of the label’s residents. Oxytocin’s single ‘Swing it’ is a stand out track on the LP, its techy, roller vibe has caught an insane amount of attention already, and will definitely be a big head turner. Another family member, resident Stoyley comes in on the LP with his track ‘Swagga’ which is fierce, gritty, everything we’d hope for from this producer after his last banging release with the label. 

The LP is stacked full of head banging drums, face melting drops and chaotic basslines. The volume of talent is huge on this, and the whole LP is staggering. The sound is everything Ransaked represents, and has already caught the eye and support of some of the scenes biggest names, from Overview, Dilemma, Gray, Sweetpea and Context Audio to name a few. 

Check out our premiere of Dunk & Nooch ‘Fatal Error’ below. The ‘Frequency’ LP drops on 26th October so be sure to bag yourself a copy from here


  1. Devils Eyes – Benji RBM
  2. Slow Dancing – Arxiva and Rollyax 
  3. Fatal Error – Dunk and Nooch 
  4. The Clown – Jabaru 
  5. Kettle Dub – Formz and ARTC.L
  6. Oculus – Gravit-E
  7. Insomnia – Mr Longhandz 
  8. Colombia – Rise 
  9. Swing It – Oxytocin 
  10. Swagga – Stoyley 

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