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Ram Records Annual 2020 is coming soon


Every year, at this time, without fail…I look forward to the Ram Records annual! This year it is set to land at the end of another massive year for the imprint. For almost 30 years the label has been ahead of the game and this has been marked by an incredible back catalogue of music. The 2020 annual is just another example of this fact. Featuring a whole host of exclusive tracks, from both signed artists and frequent Ram guests, who explore the sounds which have marked the last twelve months of its journey. With stand-out singles from many of the roster, there’s also a load of brand-new music about to drop with the full package.

It also signifies just how big 2020 is going to be for the label, adding to an already hugely decorated history.

We’re kicking off our support for this with a brilliant track from Kitcha & North Base. It’s called ‘Eastern Promise’ and is exclusive to the album. It’s a stunning piece of work, with rolling drums, clever use of sounds, a really deep bassline and a beautiful vocal. Roll on Saturday when we’ll hopefully hear it being dropped on the massive system at Printworks London!

The Ram Records 2020 annual is out on 13th December. Check out Kitcha & North Base ‘Eastern Promise’ below and check back here for a link to buy the album, which is soon to follow!


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