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Rafau Etamski remixes Salaryman’s track ‘Again’


Rafau Etamski returns to Nu Venture Records to take on official remix duties for Salaryman‘s beautiful vocal track ‘Again’. Implementing his trademark smooth Liquid style, Rafau applies his signature drums with a deep and warming bassline to effortlessly combine with the addictive piano notes and soulful female vocals of the original, to only further enhance his remixing credentials.

Rafau Etamski is a musician and producer from Bydgoszcz, Poland. He started his musical journey more than 10 years ago when he began producing hip hop instrumentals. Gradually, through increasing the tempo of this genre, he began to familiarise himself with Drum & Bass to the point where 175bpm has now taken over. He has a great passion for Drum & Bass and all of its sub-genres, from the darker sounds of Neuro to his preferred sound of choice, Liquid. With influences coming from his love of hip hop, jazz and funk, he endeavours to incorporate these elements and the inclusion of all live instruments, into his productions today.

To date, he has released on a variety of labels including Bay 6 Recordings, Celsius Recordings, Warm Ears Music, Soul Deep Recordings and many more.

His latest offering is a 13 track release featuring an array of his own original productions from his chilled and mellow Liquid compositions to the funky and vocal dancefloor tracks, as well as the darker and more technical Drum & Bass.

Today we premiere Rafau Etamski’s remix of Salaryman’s ‘Again’ which you can check out below. The release drops via Nu Venture Records on 11th October, make sure you grab a copy from the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player!

Again artwork

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