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R3IDY debuts on Yamatai Records with ‘Paroxysm’EP


Coming straight off releases on Trust Audio, Rebel Music and DNB Allstars, R3IDY is back at it again with another heavy release. ‘Paroxysm’ a debut 4 track EP for Yamatai Records, showcases Jakob’s immaculate track writing and clever use of production techniques that make each track unique, addictive and groovy.

R3IDY, a Staffordshire-based producer has been working hard in the background on his production skills through the likes of 1-2-1’s with Trex and countless hours of studying and video tutorials. He has been an active member in the Yamatai family for over two years now with multiple releases with them including the label hit ‘Blazin’ on their ‘Collusion’ EP.

Kicking off with our title track, ‘Paroxysm’ is a heavy-weight tune and is a perfect lead track for this EP. R3IDY utilizes the use of deep sub basses throughout this track to bring out the aggressiveness accompanied by a mean main synth hit which elevates this tune even higher on the aggression scale. Clever use of percussion and drum patterns brings a spectacular groove to the track and keeps the listener bopping throughout. Multiple uses of FX hits within the track also brings in the element of uniqueness, making sure that every 16 bar is different. This is a must in your playlists!

Next up ‘Mess Up’ is a very dark-themed track. It brings in some traditional raga vocals mixed with yet again some lethal sub-lines! With clever use of drum breaks, these give this track an original vibe, in addition, clean drum work and progressing percussion keep things loud and clean. From all 4 tracks, you will see that REIDY is a master when it comes to basslines and vibe!

Following on, ‘Keep It Straight’ starts off with a minimal techy intro with a progressive build-up which then teleports you into a deep rolling drop. The bassline yet again is perfect as it keeps the track flowing throughout with added fx and vocal stabs, there is plenty going on to keep you entertained. Cleverly placed atmospheric elements keep a melodic value in this track. A perfectly executed rolling track!

Closing out the EP is our premiere ‘Convict 101’ which brings in more raga/jungle elements throughout. The main stab has inspiration from the likes of Trex who which REIDY worked very closely with throughout his production career. This bass is amazing and so unique, it just fits the vibe of this track perfectly! If you like your wobbly basslines then this is the track for you!

Check out ‘Convict 101’ below. The ‘Paroxysm’ EP drops via Yamatai Records on Friday 29th July, be sure to get your hands on a copy from here!


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