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Qua Rush drops ‘Grey Goo’ EP on SINE Audio


SINE Audio have had their eyes and ears on the ground and keeping themselves up to date with Qua Rush’s progression over the last year or two, and last year included his stunning tune ‘Sugarpuff’ on their ‘A SINE of Relief’ compilation. Now, they proudly welcome him to the family with his first-ever full EP ‘Grey Goo’.

Italian-born, London-based producer Qua Rush has been officially releasing music for the last few years yet has been on the scene as a DJ and crate-digger for much longer. His eclectic music taste seeps into his musically rich take on Drum & Bass. His style often sits between a soulful, contemplative liquid vibe and a darker club-ready sound, never failing to excel in both.  

Referring to the imagined, dystopian catastrophe of self-replicating machines eventually consuming all of the earth’s biomass, title track ‘Grey Goo’ contains an effortlessly rolling, infectious bass groove that pulsates its way through the tune’s duration. Qua Rush’s sound has shown a strong maturation over the last year or so, putting a stronger spotlight on crisp, tech-influenced production techniques, and it shows in this faultless opener. 

‘Coup De Grace’ starts to pick up the pace, toeing the line between smooth liquid and dancefloor killer. Make sure to listen through start to finish, as Qua Rush is no victim to second drop syndrome, this time introducing an eerie new counter melody for the second half to accompany the squelching bassline and layers upon layers of intricate synth work. A proper eyes-closed, get lost in the vibes tune. 

For the one collaborative (and heaviest) track of the release, Qua Rush teams up with Phog and Endorphine on ‘Chasm’. This one is a straight mid-set rollout, with the repeating ‘chasm’ vocal sample grounding the tune in techno influences and providing a call and response with the bass groove. Each time we are led into a new drop, the track grows in intensity, before the third section comes in and we are awash with growling basses, distorted synths and FX sounds. We’re holding this one close for the return of clubs…  

Despite the name, ‘State Of Confusion’ evokes a sense of musical clarity as the final track for the EP. Warm pads and delicate atmospherics fill up the stereo field in this track and make it the most stripped-back, soothing track of the release. Despite the minimal feel, upon listening closely you notice all the intricacies that mark his musical progression of late, and what makes this debut EP so special.  

Today we premiere ‘Grey Goo’ which you can check out below. Qua Rush’s ‘Anem’ EP drops via SINE Audio on 29th January, you can get your hands on a copy here