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Pulsate joins Renaissance UK for their 1st VA


Renaissance UK is a south England based Drum & Bass label showcasing a broad spectrum of the genre. They have recently surpassed 2000 followers on Soundcloud to which they were going to celebrate with a 2K LP. However, due to followers rising quickly they have to take steps to rebranded to Vol.1 LP.

For this release, Renaissance UK have gathered together 10 different artists to form their first various artists’ album. It includes a plethora of sounds and styles for your listening pleasure.

For our premiere today, we present to you Pulsate with his contribution ‘Talkin Bout’. This is a hefty track blending stabby jump up synths with his own special sauce, one to make any party a lively one.

Pulsate (Jack McGruer) is a new face on the scene, however, is not one to be missed. Hailing from south-east London, he is definitely making a dent in the Drum & Bass scene with his recognisable dark and minimal style. He intertwines this with gritty bass and thumpy thumpy drums. Pulsate has been producing for 18 months but you would think he’s been in the game for a lot longer! He only released his first debut single ‘Bunker’ 11 months ago on Renaissance UK as a free download. Keep your eyes on this one…he’s only just starting to warm up!

Check out ‘Talkin Bout’ below. ‘Renaissance LP Volume 1’ drops on 15th November. The LP is dropping as a free download, grab this track from here! Enjoy!