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PRTCL & Xenon collab on ‘Hermannplatz Hangover’


For as long as musicians have been able to ingrain their music in pieces of plastic or reels of metallic tape, they‘ve been writing music about their favourite/not-so favourite places. Places which are in their hometowns, main town or place of residence. From Gil Scott-Heron‘s ‘Madison Avenue‘ to Gerry Rafferty’s ‘Baker Street’, artists have been using their platforms to highlight the ups, downs and often absurdities which make some places so unique.

Berlin-based producers and Humanoid residents PRTCL and Xenon have come together to shine a positive light on this dark place within their home city.

About Hermannplatz:

Hermannplatz sits at the northern tip of Berlin‘s Neukölln district. One of the most culturally diverse districts of the city. If you enter the area from anywhere west/north of the district it’s almost impossible to avoid the junction. Bikes, cars, busses, pedestrians and underground trains all collide at this crossing. It was originally built to house a transportation hub for the once grand Kaufhaus which is nothing less than a shell of its former self. Artists, dealers, alcoholics, migrants, hipsters and lost tourists all cross this thin passageway in the city. This makes it a visual feast of interesting characters. It’s a site with constant action. A simple search online will reveal that it’s hated and feared by many. It’s seen as a dangerous and frightening spot to even cross to the next train line.

‘Hermannplatz Hangover’ is aimed to encapsulate the ambivalent emotions that the two creators connect with the iconic and buzzing square in Berlin – Neukölln. Like Neukölln itself, the track is a combination of a tense atmosphere and a funky liveliness. The distorted, heavy drum breaks, in combination with a nasty Reece bassline and tape distorted acid stabs, is a very good example for what would be described as the new Berlin sound when it comes to Breakbeat in the 170 bpm realm.

Today we premiere ‘Hermannplatz Hangover’ along with a video the pair have made. Check them both out below. The single drops on Humanoid on 11th September make sure you grab it from here

Video, photos and artwork by Nastia Photo: https://www.instagram.com/nastia__photo__/


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