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Plox debuts on Terra Firma Records with 2 tracks


Terra Firma Records are gearing up for a big year with many of their best releases to date to come. They have assured us that they have some very exciting music scheduled for release this year.

Kicking things off we have newcomer Plox who hails from Phoenix, Arizona. His first-ever release on an international label is innovative and unique. We believe, as Terra Firma do, that there are big things to come from him.

…New name, new face, new music.

Plox debuts on Terra Firma with a double hitter ‘Obsessions’ and ‘Conditions’. Two deep mystical boppers to get you through these tough winter months.

Terra Firma is an eye-catching Drum & Bass label that combines deep and organic music with a focused art style showcasing the Terra Firma Sound.

Our premiere ‘Obsessions’ is a deep, mystifying tune showcasing Plox’s unique sound design and feel. The mysterious nature coupled with the driving bass will make your feet move and your chest shake!

‘Conditions’ takes things even deeper. This track evolves and continues to grow throughout it’s run time. Plox’s stylistic deep bass continues to pour in as the track progresses. The curious, de-tuned lead spices things up even more!

By the end of these tracks, you’ll be both obsessed and conditioned to newcomer Plox! We can’t wait to hear what else he has bubbling away…

Check out our premiere of ‘Obsessions’ below. The single drops on 27th January, you can grab it for your collection from here