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Pheet drops ‘Sleep Rhythm / Trouble’ on Empathy Audio


Pheet, known by his alias Hanspeter, has recently joined Empathy Audio, bringing his latest release ‘Sleep Rhythm / Trouble’ to the ranks.

From an early age, Pheet has been deeply immersed in various music genres, thanks to his mother’s excellent taste in music. Reggae CDs on a walkman were a constant soundtrack in his life, nurturing his passion for music.

In 2015, a close friend introduced him to the world of Drum & Bass, and this newfound interest, along with the influence of Submovement crew parties in Osttirol, played a pivotal role in shaping his musical and rave scene preferences. One track that left a lasting impact on Pheet was ‘Without a Trace’ by Alix Perez and Skeptical, becoming the first EP he purchased on vinyl. Since then, he has developed a strong affinity for jungle along with deep and liquid sub-genres of DnB, looking up to idols like Alix Perez, Skeptical, dBridge, Bredren, and Breakage.

While deeply rooted in DnB, Pheet remains open to other genres like breakbeat, garage, and dubstep, which have significantly influenced his musical journey. He has been actively DJing in clubs since joining the Brotha Hifi Crew and later the YamYamYa Crew in 2019/2020. For the past six years, Pheet has passionately been producing music, exploring various styles, and not limiting himself to any one genre. Empathy Audio has provided him with a platform to share his music, connect with the scene, enjoy time with friends, and promote a sense of unity.

With an unwavering love for music, Pheet continues to explore and contribute to the vibrant and diverse world of sound.

In his track ‘Sleep Rhythm,’ Hanspeter creates a deep and immersive atmosphere with his minimalist sound design, captivating listeners with its dark and energetic drop. The clever fusion of glitchy vocal elements and robust basslines beautifully reflects his unique artistic identity.

On the other hand, ‘Trouble’ serves as a proving ground for Hanspeter’s remarkable and punchy drum design. The fast-paced and incredibly powerful track stands as a true DJ tool, inviting listeners on a mind-twisting adventure.

Check out our premiere of ‘Sleep Rhythm’ below. The two tracker drops this Friday 4th August, grab a copy here!

'Sleep Rhythm / Trouble' cover

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