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Peter Lix drops ‘Losing You’ on Dojo Audio


Peter Lix emerges once again into the winter soundscape, bearing his signature style that has become synonymous with emotive Drum & Bass. ‘Losing You’ transcends mere musicality, presenting a tapestry woven with intricate symphonic melodies that intertwine seamlessly with a profound sense of melancholy.

Within this track lies a compelling duality, notably echoed in its vocals. The poignant expression “I don’t feel pain anymore” resonates with haunting forlornness, subtly contradicting its own sentiment. As the haunting piano keys delicately cascade alongside distant echoes of the violin, an introspective ambiance blossoms, inviting listeners to navigate a landscape of contemplation. However, amidst this reflective journey, dynamic beats surge forth, injecting an unexpected burst of positivity and effervescent energy, creating an intriguing juxtaposition of emotions.

The bass line itself serves as a cornerstone of the track’s introspective depth, resonating with subterranean notes that reveal their true essence when experienced through a high-fidelity sound system or embraced by a pair of immersive headphones.

‘Losing You’ depicts the end of being trapped in emotional trauma. While in theory this should feel liberating, it is often overshadowed by feelings of loss and uncertainty. This is conveyed in the track through a mixture of sadness and a reflective sense of hope.

Peter Lix

This latest masterpiece from the Dojo Audio stable is poised not just to captivate ears but to carve a resonating niche within the digital expanse. With its emotive allure and multifaceted layers, ‘Losing You’ stands ready to secure a place within playlists, offering an immersive experience that speaks to the hearts and minds of discerning listeners seeking both musical depth and an emotional journey within each note.

Check out our premiere of ‘Losing You’ below. The single drops via Dojo Audio on Friday 1st December and is available for you to get your hands on here!

Losing You cover

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