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Peter Lix ‘Fade Away’ [Dojo Audio]


Peter Lix ‘Fade Away’ [Dojo Audio] *** Out 12th November 2021***

The latest offering from Peter Lix and the Dojo Audio stable, ‘Fade Away’ is an energetic Drum & Bass workout with emotive melodies and an alluring vocal hook.

Built upon a foundation of atmospheric pads – reminiscent of the deeper D&B sound of the mid nineties – ‘Fade Away’ blends its uptempo vibe with soulful flavours.

Through pensive chords, bittersweet guitar phrases, subtle sweeps and reverb-heavy fx, the track creates a dreamy vibrance that floats over solid drums and a driving sub bassline. The chorus section delivers the instantly catchy ‘Don’t fade away’ vocal and is further complemented by subtle piano notes.

‘Fade Away’ is conceptual, in that it cleverly blends melodic elements to create a sense of emotions “fading away”. Yet, as we’ve come to expect from the Peter Lix sound, an air of hope is left lingering within the bittersweet keys…


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