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Peter Lix drops ‘Pipe Dreams’ on Dojo Audio


First up in 2023 on the Dojo Audio imprint is Peter Lix’s ‘Pipe Dreams’, a distinctive composition that emanates ethereal vibes.

From hosting a popular Sunday afternoon show on Rude FM with MC Evil B to the development of a remarkable production career, music has been a part of Peter Lix’s life since his early teens. Peter achieved success as part of the production trio the Beatfreaks. The group pioneered UKG anthems such as ‘Speakerbox’, ‘Original Badboy’, ‘Fire’, and ‘Twelves’, and went on to enjoy major label and Top 40 success through their remix work.

A multi-faceted artist in the truest sense, Peter has worked across multiple genres and dipped his toes in an array of industry waters, including label management and music licensing. Since his early radio days, Peter’s passion for Drum & Bass has remained strong. And it’s this same passion that led to the creation of his label, Dojo Audio, a name inspired by the time he spent in the Far East. Peter’s signature sound is influenced by the many sub-genres he grew up listening to a combination of fluid beats, emotive keys, and big sub basslines.

‘Pipe Dreams’ sees Peter swap his usual chord-laden approach for a synthesis of swirling pads, frozen reverbs and vocal atmospheres. Add into the mix a hypnotic arpeggiated guitar, and voila, you have an almost psychedelic wall of sound.

Although the backdrop feels somewhat dreamy, a heavy oscillating bassline provides a solid foundation of consistency throughout, while energetic beats and distortion-tinged
percussion maintains a hard-edged pace.

“The concept for ‘Pipe Dreams’ is based upon the juxtaposition of having artistic dreams and goals but simultaneously feeling as though they are just creative fantasy. It’s that feeling of being caught between two worlds. These conflicting feelings are reflected in the dreamy nature of the pads and guitar vs. the dark bass notes and sombre vocal atmospheres.”

Peter Lix

‘Pipe Dreams’ is a creative, unique track that will no doubt receive solid support across the Liquid Drum & Bass spectrum!

Check out our premiere below. The track drops today (Friday 6th January 2023) and is available for you to grab a copy here!


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