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Peter Lix drops ‘Over Your Soul’ on Dojo Audio


First up on the Dojo Audio imprint in 2021 is Peter Lix’s ‘Over Your Soul’. A liquid Drum & Bass track that oozes soulful vibes, pensive musical phrases, and a heavy sub-bass to boot.

Over Your Soul artwork

‘Over Your Soul’ by Peter Lix is being championed by the likes of LTJ Bukem, SyRan (Ram Records), Facedee (Flex FM), PRSPKTV (Gold Fat Records), and Sound Territory. It is also receiving solid support across the radio and podcast spectrums.

‘Over Your Soul’ kicks off with pensive piano chords that set the scene for an emotive soundscape. The track rolls in with a distant guitar riff and soulful saxophone notes, evoking imagery of dusty blues bars and lonely inner-city sidewalks.

While the track has a laid back feel, the beats are energetic and bring a contrast of hope to the melancholy vibe. The vocal snippet reflects the inescapable emotion of the track – rolling ‘Over & Over’ – while the weighty sub-bass furthers the head-bopping experience.

‘Over Your Soul’ would slide perfectly into a chilled set. However, its measured doses of distortion on both the bass and musical elements of the track ensure it’s rough enough around the edges to work in darker sets. It also demonstrates Peter Lix’s versatility to work within different styles of Drum & Bass, combining modern and retro elements to produce his signature sound of bitter-sweet emotion.

Keep your ears tuned for more from the Dojo!

Check out Peter Lix ‘Over Your Soul’ below. The single drops via Dojo Audio on 15th January so make sure you add this to your arsenal by grabbing a copy here


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