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Peter Lix drops ‘Need Your Love’ on Dojo Audio


A landmark 10th release for Dojo Audio, as head honcho Peter Lix unleashes ‘Need Your Love’, a melodic yet energetic composition that will have broad appeal across the Drum & Bass spectrum.

‘Need Your Love’ intros with ruminating chords that play tentatively under a subtle melody line. After a short percussive section, the track breaks down with majestic horns that introduce an alluring vocal hook. The hook continues to loop as the track drops, bringing with it energetic beats and a huge modulating bassline. Before long, the horns sound again to signify a change in pace, as the track enters a bridge with a neat switch in melody and bass pattern.

Proceedings simmer until the track changes direction once more, this time with the arrival of retro-style bleeps, which dominate the ear space for a while before giving way to the infectious chorus once again.

‘Need Your Love’ is a lively liquid Drum & Bass workout with a soulful foundation. The chords, time-stretched vocals and horns provide that bittersweet Peter Lix sound, while the drums, bass and bleeps bring a driving energy that gives the track dancefloor appeal.

Check out our premiere of ‘Need Your Love’ below. The single drops today (Thursday 13th October) via Dojo Audio, get your hands on a copy from here!

Need Your Love cover

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