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Peter Lix drops ‘Lonely Nights’ on Dojo Audio


Dojo Audio presents another slice of soulful Drum & Bass from Peter Lix. In similar vein to ‘Over Your Soul‘ – Lix’s most popular track to date – ‘Lonely Nights’ has a bittersweet nostalgic feel.

The track begins with soothing strings and a gentle brass overlay. This is interrupted by a clever chord switch a bar before the drop, and followed by a jazz-tinged bassline that
changes the pace to a groovy yet still soulfully chilled vibe.

Smooth, skippy beats help maintain the energy throughout, while subtle trumpet, guitar and saxophone phrases ebb and flow, occasionally accompanied by a seductive, reverb-laden vocal that echoes the reflective mood. ‘Lonely Nights’ is a warm, alluring track that evokes a sense of sentimentality. It’s catchy, too, with a hooky piano chord sequence that’ll have you humming a long way after the track has finished. A “must include” for every soulful Drum & Bass set.

From hosting a popular Sunday afternoon show on Rude FM with MC Evil B to the development of a remarkable production career, music has been a part of Peter Lix’s life since his early teens. Peter achieved success as part of the production trio the Beatfreaks. The group pioneered UKG anthems such as ‘Speakerbox’, ‘Original Badboy’, ‘Fire’, and ‘Twelves’, and went on to enjoy major label and Top 40 success through their remix work.

Since his early radio days, Peter’s passion for Drum & Bass has remained strong. And it’s this same passion that led to the creation of his label, Dojo Audio, a name inspired by the time he spent in the Far East. His signature sound is categorized by fluid beats, emotive instrumentation, and big sub basslines – all wrapped in Jungle nuance.

Check out our premiere below. The track drops via Dojo Audio on Friday 17th June, make sure you grab a copy from here!

Lonely Nights cover

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