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Peshay & Krazeman drop ‘My Boogie’ on Peshay Music


Peshay Music is thrilled to unveil the long-awaited release of ‘My Boogie.’

From the very first notes, ‘My Boogie’ delivers an adrenaline surge, infusing a sense of exhilaration and positive energy. Peshay and Krazeman effortlessly capture the free-spirited essence of the ’90s, offering modern music enthusiasts a captivating journey back in time.

In ‘My Boogie,’ the latest electrifying Drum & Bass single from the eminent artists Peshay and Krazeman, you’ll discover rib-rattling rhythms and body-moving beats that have found a new home. Serving as the first glimpse into their highly anticipated album, ‘Underground Vol. 2 ft. Steppa,’ this release is a delightful, nostalgic homage to the golden age of Drum & Bass and rave music.

Peshay, one of the industry’s most respected Drum & Bass producers, has consistently pushed the boundaries of music, daring to embrace a unique sound that defies current trends. ‘My Boogie’ proudly carries forward this tradition, showcasing Peshay’s artistic vision and commitment to sonic innovation with each beat.

While reviving the richness of past eras, ‘My Boogie’ maintains its contemporary edge. Its distinctive arrangement expertly blends classic and modern elements, leaving listeners intrigued about Peshay and Krazeman’s upcoming works.

‘My Boogie’ is just a glimpse of what’s in store on Peshay & Krazeman’s forthcoming album, ‘Underground Vol. 2, ft. Steppa,’ scheduled for release on September 1st, 2023 via Peshay Music. This highly anticipated album promises to redefine the Drum & Bass landscape with its awe-inspiring compositions and innovative soundscapes.

The release of ‘My Boogie’ ignites a swirling anticipation for ‘Underground Vol. 2 ft. Steppa,’ the trio’s upcoming album. This sneak peek into the project reveals that Peshay and Krazeman have more thrilling surprises up their sleeves.

So, whether you’re a Drum & Bass enthusiast from any corner of the world, get ready for ‘My Boogie.’ It’s not just a track to listen to; it’s an experience to immerse yourself in, reaffirming that Peshay is not merely following existing music trends but forging his path in the music scene.

Check out our premiere of ‘My Boogie’ below and grab yourself a copy here!

My Boogie artwork

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