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Ornette Hawkins drop ‘Return To Never’


Beat Machine Records presents the ninth edition of its essential club-oriented series ‘Swinging Flavors‘.

This release features the Washington DC-based duo, Ornette Hawkins. The duo is made up of live session musician Marc Blackwood and music engineer Maxwell Houston.

Ornette Hawkins have created a captivating track in ‘Return to Never’, which kicks off fast and fluid; serene piano chords and inescapable drum kicks, set to urge for the entire track. Just a few minutes in and the placid mood gets disrupted by the dense basslines. Echoes of the mid 90s UK jungle scene, epitomised by the Metalheadz Platinum Breakz Series, to which Ornette Hawkins refer to. Their distinctive touch shows in the abstract jazz sounds, finely woven into the structure, which adds a subtle expressiveness to the track.

On the B side is our premiere where ‘Return to Never’ is reworked by the Drumfunk master dgoHn. Known as the pioneer of this unique genre, the UK based producer delivers an eccentric remix. As if to close a circle, the track begins with violent and chopped-up basslines, enhanced by juxtaposed breakbeats and samples – a distinguishing feature of dgoHn. Towards the end, bashful acid-jazz notes re-surface among the meandering drum sequences, glossing the track with an irresistible dreamy groove. 

Ornette Hawkins drop ‘Return To Never’ on Beat Machine Records on 10th December. Check out dgoHn’s remix below and make sure you grab the tracks from here


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