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Anyone who was following Onyx Recordings‘ movements last year will have noticed they announced a project in collaboration with House of Hi-Fi, with the motivation to help address the gender imbalance in Drum & Bass: ‘Balance‘.

They invited female producers of all levels to submit original productions to them with a view to the best submissions being worked on and released as part of an EP. Onyx are stoked to say the first volume of ‘Balance’ is here!

It has been a long journey to get to this point, and a big learning curve for the label team, but they couldn’t be happier to be presenting three very talented womxn – Asha Binx, CaitC and Insight.

From naughty wubs to dancefloor melodies to dreamy liquid, they’ve got three awesome producers bringing three unique vibes. This will be a debut release for both Asha Binx and Insight, but CaitC is a name some of you may already be familiar with – especially if you were at Rampage earlier this year, or follow our channels religiously.

In the grand scheme of gender inequality, ‘Balance’ may only be a small gesture, but House of Hi-Fi and Onyx Recordings hope it provides the females who take part with a platform to grow, develop and showcase their ability to a wider audience. That’s why they will be opening the submission window for ‘Balance Vol. 2’ very soon.

Keep an eye out for the announcement! But until then, get acquainted with the sounds of Asha Binx, CaitC and Insight, because they’ll be lighting up the Drum & Bass scene in the near future.

Today we premiere Asha Binx’s Black Rainbow’ which you can check out below. The EP drops Thursday 19th May, make sure you grab yourself a copy and support this amazing initiative from here!

Onyx & House of Hi-Fi Balance Vol 1 cover