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Ominous returns to Phase Records DNB with his ‘Break It’ EP


Check out the latest offering from Ominous! Following the resounding success of his ‘Mutation’ EP last year, Ominous returns to Phase Records DNB with his new ‘Break It’ EP, a valuable addition to the label’s catalogue.

Hailing from Scotland, Ominous showcases the evolution of his sound across four tracks, seamlessly blending tech, neuro, and jump-up influences into a captivating sonic journey. This EP marks a significant advancement in his artistry, with each track designed to captivate audiences and serve as an essential tool for DJs worldwide.

The opening track, ‘Break It’, exudes an assertive energy reminiscent of neurofunk styles, setting a powerful tone for the EP. ‘Get Down’ follows suit with its tech-driven minimalism, enriched by intricate drum work and dynamic transitions. ‘Conclusion’ maintains the EP’s tech-infused atmosphere while introducing a playful element, making it a standout selection. Closing the project, ‘Print Error’ infuses jump-up elements, offering a spirited conclusion to Ominous’ triumphant return.

Ominous exemplifies the distinctive sound that defines Phase Records DNB: dark, innovative, and inherently unique. Phase Records DNB label head honcho Gifta tells us “We absolutely love Liam and are proud to have him back!

Today we premiere ‘Conclusion’ which you can check out below. Ominous drops his ‘Break It’ EP this Friday, 10th May. Make sure you grab a copy from here!

Break It EP cover

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