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Oli Lewis returns to Drippyboiii Recordings with his debut EP on the label ‘Cabal’


Oli Lewis heralds the release of his debut EP entitled ‘Cabal’ on Drippyboiii Recordings, marking a significant milestone in his journey within the electronic music realm. His prior collaboration with the label, featured on the LP ‘Crystalised Tears’ in 2023.

In this latest endeavour, Oli once again demonstrates his musical prowess, underscoring Drippyboiii’s ongoing commitment to showcasing the industry’s most promising talents. His EP emerges as a testament to both his individual artistry and the collaborative synergy between artist and label.

Featuring tracks such as ‘Cabal’ and ‘Gut Rot’, characterized by their swaggering drums, low-end-driven beats, and twisted, minimalist approach that invites listeners to immerse themselves in the intricate layers of sound. With an ambience that exudes an “eyes down, hoods up” vibe, these tracks mean serious business.

Meanwhile, ‘Knee Deep’ presents a fusion of garage-esque vocals and deep, liquid rhythms, driven by a pulsating sub-bass that sets the tone for an immersive sonic experience. Each track on the EP showcases Oli Lewis’s versatility and innovation within the electronic music landscape, solidifying his position as a rising star in the industry.

Check out our premiere of ‘Cabal’ below. The EP dropped last Friday (3rd May), make sure you grab yourself a copy from here!

Cabal EP cover

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