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Octo Pi returns to AFT Records with new EP


Octo Pi returns to the arms the AFT Records family with another full force, full fat, multi-styled tentacle slap straight to the face with his ‘It’s Like That’ EP. Since the release of his debut album ‘King Of Camouflage’, Octo Pi has garnered huge support from his peers, received countless DJ bookings and licenses to D&BA compilations. He has not slowed his roll at all, with contributions to the ‘Amsterdam’ and ‘Next Wave 3’ compilations plus releases on Viper and Gyro which have seen him constantly putting out high-quality music for his ever-growing fan base.

His latest EP kicks off in thunderous fashion teaming up UK Rap legend DR Syntax for the full vocal smasher and title track ‘It’s Like That’. Next up ‘Sheffield’ pays homage to the steel city with an uplifting, euphoric piano riff that lulls us into a false sense of security as we then switch and slide into a mechanical, twisting bassline. ‘Wise’ wobbles and flexes gloriously. If you were to make an audio representation of how an octopus would walk, this is basically it.

Finally, our premiere ‘Inspire’ takes the EP in a different direction for its cinematic finale, futuristic, grinding with those classic Octo Pi drum rolls we that have become so accustomed to over the years.

‘It’s Like That’ shows growth and maturity and is just the start of what we believe will be our aquatic friends best year to date. ‘It’s Like That’ will be supported by a live stream event in association with Jungle DnB Hub in the coming week or so, check back for more info on this!

Check out ‘Inspire’ below. It’s out on AFT Records on 1st May so make sure you grab a copy!


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