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Octo Pi lands on Tribe Of Dub with ‘First Contact’ EP


The Tribe Of Dub makes first contact with a mysterious creature living in the depths of the ocean. Whenever the island’s natives talk about it they refer to it as Octo Pi. Legend has it that this entity is mostly friendly, however once threatened by humans it is able to sink entire ships using the power of low frequency soundwaves!

Avid readers will know by now that I am a huge fan of Octo Pi. His music always sounds fresh and gets better with every release. His latest offering, ‘First Contact’ EP is no different! It was really difficult to choose one track to premiere but I decided on ‘Lemon Tree’. Starting out quite soft and melodic it’s not long before the drums and bass take control after luring you in. And the bassline? WOAH!!!! Jungle drums and a load of wubs bring an instant smile to my face and would definitely get me skanking out at a rave or festival…Please, let us rave!!!!

Octo Pi’s back catalogue, after years of hard work in the studio, is nothing short of jaw-dropping, with a huge arsenal of original material and remixes under his belt. His style can only be described as ‘Up Front’, with most of his tracks featuring immensely strong and punchy drums coupled with complex melodic basslines set on a backdrop of euphoric, evolving pads. He’s equally at home producing blissed-out, rolling, vocal heavy Liquid Drum and Bass as he is producing balls to the floor, techy-driven steppers.

He has had previous releases on Viper Recordings, Jungle Cakes, Audio Addict, Gyro Records, Drum & Bass Arena, V Recordings, Circus, Soul Deep Recordings, Ghetto Dub, Signal Jam Records and AFT Records.

Octo Pi’s ‘First Contact’ EP drops via Tribe of Dub and is a Juno exclusive now and will be available on all online platforms worldwide on 20th February! Check out ‘Lemon Tree’ below and grab the EP from here


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