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Octavate return to Rollout Records with ‘Strolla / Junglehygge’


Making their triumphant return for the third time on Rollout Records, is the dynamic Danish-English duo, Octavate, with ‘Strolla / JungleHygge. The duo continues to electrify the world of Drum & Bass with their distinctive and inspiring productions. With a recent remix under their belt for Jungle Cakes and previous releases on Rebel Music and Soulvent Records, they fearlessly showcase their remarkable adaptability and stylistic range, exploring every corner of the Drum & Bass spectrum through their music.

Having recently relocated, Octavate now enjoys an enhanced level of productivity due to increased in-person collaboration in the studio. This transition is undoubtedly a blessing, not only for the duo themselves but also for the Drum & Bass community at large.

Octavate is comprised of Exult, a London-based producer and DJ, who joined forces with Coop, a lifelong musician based in Denmark who has recently delved into the world of Drum & Bass production and DJing. Their paths crossed at BASSCAMP in Portugal, where they spent two years learning together before embarking on their journey as a Drum & Bass duo. BASSCAMP served as a pivotal starting point, providing invaluable mentorship from industry luminaries such as Current Value, ZeroZero, HumaNature, Molecular, and June Miller, among others.

With complementary levels of expertise, albeit in different facets of Drum & Bass, they have cultivated a combined skill set fused with a shared commitment to exploration, experimentation, and excellence, which shines brightly in their promising journey through the world of Drum & Bass. Octavate shows no signs of slowing down, consistently leaving an indelible mark on the scene with each release, a source of immense pride for the duo as they continue to make their mark in the future.

Opening up their latest release on Rollout is a track titled ‘Strolla,’ which commences with a thrilling surprise for their audience. This mysterious roller is anchored by a warm, rhythmic bassline and features a tantalizing vocal sample that complements the instrumentation seamlessly. The origin of this vocal sample remains a well-guarded secret, a riddle that only the Octavate boys can reveal.

On the flip side, Octavate’s versatility takes centre stage as they present their most jungle-influenced track on the label to date, ‘Junglehygge.’ This offering maintains the release’s warm and bouncy bassline theme, filled with an array of twists, turns, and fills that are unmistakably characteristic of Octavate’s signature style.

Today we premiere ‘JungleHygge’ which you can check out below. The release drops this Friday 20th October, make sure you grab yourself a copy from here!

Trolla / Junglehygge cover