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OB lands on Monk Audio with ‘Days Gone By’ EP


Stepping up again to the Monk Audio plate is the very talented OB. Following on from the successes of early 2020 hit ‘Motion’ and an appearance on Sine Series, OB returns to Monk to bring you his first full EP ‘Days Gone By’.

OB partly wrote the EP during lockdown and the release takes a step back from the multitude of releases that have been directed more toward club audiences. Instead OB and his ‘Days Gone By’ EP aims to represent the more soulful side of Drum & Bass that so often features in his own library. This EP really sets the tone for what is to come in the future for this young producer and it has not been without big support already either. It’s already been backed by Bladerunner, Visages and Klinical amongst others.

He might not be a household name just yet, but OB (aka Ollie Burton) has been producing and mixing music for a number of years already. Having started in his teens while sat in his bedroom in North London, OB has taken a quieter route than most up and coming producers when it comes to entering the scene. Diligently grafting behind the scenes to hone his craft before presenting it to the world, the OB sound is a sound that has had many of his 10,000 hours put into it. 

Quality over quantity is the name of the game and this is something that is very apparent in OB’s work. Creating music with an open mind leads to being influenced by a variety of different genres which span more than just Drum & Bass. OB’s tunes have taken inspiration from genres like hip hop, jazz, soul, rock music and more.

Earlier releases had a heavier sound reliant on big basses and smashing drums, but as his sound has developed and matured, so has the music. Later releases are comprised of songs that will soothe the soul while managing to keep any night rolling along.

Every OB DJ set or mix is as carefully curated as each of his compositions, an acute selection of tracks that create an electric vibe and sparks the attention of any audience. Blends of soulful liquid cuts mixed down with dark rolling beats have caught the attention of many a promoter, leading to performances around the country for brands such as Soul In Motion and Coded, performing in Leeds, Nottingham, Brighton and hometown London in 2019.

Today we premiere the title track ‘Days Gone By’ which features the vocal talents of Emerson. You can check it out below. The EP drops on 5th October via Monk Audio, check back soon for the link to purchase!


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