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Nurve kicks off his new label with ‘Decimate’ EP


Nurve is mostly known for his contributions to Grime with Macabre Unit and his contribution to Dubstep as Demon with his label MUD. Like many dance music industry veterans, a lot of their roots lie deep within Jungle / DnB. He got his first set of decks way back in 1996 at the age of 14 and taught himself how to mix very quickly. By the age of 16, he was already DJing at events around his home town of Bedford under the name Raffa-D. His biggest inspirations back then as a DJ were Andy-C & Mampi Swift who were known for their style of double drop mixing. Raff adopted this mixing style and soon started to build up a reputation around his home town and surrounding areas as one to watch.

Nurve, channels his roots with this first release on his brand new label ‘Nurve Music’ which has been set up purely for his Jungle / DnB productions. This EP really is a sign of things to come as this guy has a lot of history behind him and has lived through many different phases of UK underground music. This EP boasts that in abundance as he captures 3 very different sounds.

Opening up the EP is our premiere and title track ‘Decimate’ which is forward thinking and uses sci-fi and futuristic soundscapes. It literally takes you to another world.

Keep an eye on this imprint, the can of worms has been opened…

Nurve ‘Decimate’ EP is out on 23rd August. Check out our premiere below and grab a copy of the EP here


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