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Nooch teams up with GLM and NV to drop ‘Anadin’ on Ransaked


Created in the lab from a collection of GLM’s dark, techy basslines, drops of Nooch’s lively drums and a dash of Jungle breaks, all mixed in with the added touch of NV’s vibrant tones… ‘Anadin’ comes out as a product sounding so smooth it feels like pain relief.

The catchy, dark and gritty synths react with the free-flowing vocals from NV to create a unique, signature sound. The track is packed with potent ingredients from sweeping synths to hypnotic drums. WARNING: This track is fast acting, with immediate side effects such as bass face, skanking, and gun fingers. PLEASE NOTE: some users may experience addiction. Let ‘Anadin’ help ease your pain symptoms…

Check out our premiere of Nooch, GLM & NV ‘Anadin’ below. The track drops via Ransaked on Friday 25th November, you can grab copy for your collection from here!

Anadin cover

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