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Nooch drops ‘Alien’ on Ransaked Records


Based in Bristol (Earth), the multi-talented producer, DJ and Ransaked Records label founder Nooch drops ‘Alien’ into our universe with a big bang.

Nooch‘s past few hits ‘Rhino, ‘In for the Kill’ and ‘Fatal Error‘ slammed into the scene proving how skilled this 25 year old producer is. His new track ‘Alien’ comes at no disappointment with all his signature sounds and deep, seductive bass. ‘Alien’ takes us out of this world for a little bit, a break we all need from the scenes on our planet at the moment!

The track draws you in, with little ticks and a deep bass as an introduction. The vocals immediately draw the story of the track and the sample welcomes the first drop in, which sounds like the inside of an aliens brain. It wouldn’t be a true Nooch tune if it didn’t have that signature bassline and low frequency synths setting the extra-terrestrial and eerie storyline. The tune as a whole invites you onto a spaceship moving through the soundwaves, weaving between the different elements of the track.

This is really one to watch out for…Greeting Earthlings…Nooch comes in peace.

We’re happy to present ‘Alien’ to you today as a premiere. You can check it out below. The release date for this one is tomorrow (26th February) so you don’t have to wait long! Grab it from here


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