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Noneohone unleashes his take of ‘True Rebellion’


Noneohone (None-oh-one) is the alias of Melbourne producer/DJ Andrew Beveridge.  Since moving from Scotland in 2015, Andrew has set about making his own brand of left-field club music, blending an array of analog synthesiser wobbles with meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship.  His productions are forward-thinking yet deeply indebted to the rich culture of timeless UK sounds he is inspired by.  Hints of Jungle, Breakbeat and classic Dubstep combine with an ear for melody and compositional craft, electronic beats for the mind and matter.

Now, Noneohone is self-releasing an uptempo jungle smasher straight out of a long forgotten record crate from 1996. Classic rave era synths collide with tongue in cheek hardcore that gives way to a massive amen break and glistening arpeggios from outer space. The track is called ‘True Rebellion’ and will transport you straight back to the 90’s. Naughty drums throughout and a well-known sample are used by Noneohone, it’s an absolutely wicked track!

Noneohone has been likened to artists such as Coco Bryce, Dead Man’s Chest, Paradox and Special Request. And this track is testament to that. A couple of years ago Coco Bryce and Dead Man’s Chest released a version of ‘True Rebellion’ which was included in Bryce’s ‘Beats Like This’ EP.

Check out Noneohone’s effort below. the track drops on Bandcamp on 30th April, you can grab a copy using the purchase button beneath the player!


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